Diamond Quest 67!

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Diamond Quest 67!

Post by Goldglo »

Next Sunday, October 16th at 8pm by the Eastern Clock, the Outback will crown its sixty-seventh Diamond! If you're an Emerald, Opal, or Sartan, you're eligble to enter! Everyone else is welcome and invited to watch!
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Candy Hart
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Post by Candy Hart »

I'm in.
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Gwen Minx
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Post by Gwen Minx »

YAY! Epic Jabbity!

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Roderick Douglas
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Post by Roderick Douglas »

I'll be there.

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Post by Sarah »

I'm in. Someone's gotta entertain Candy.
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Post by Koyliak »

Sign me up.
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DUEL Corlanthis
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Post by DUEL Corlanthis »

Hellllllo, everyone! It was my good fortune and great honor to Officiate over the first half of this event and what an event it was! Ten duelists showed to vie for the honor of being the sixty-seventh Diamond, and many of them crowd favorites new and old!

Kheldar, Sarah, Matt, Vinny, Candy, Pslyder, Jaycy, Koyliak, Art, and Sartan all arrived to contest against one another for the prize, so lets find out how they fared!

Round One

Kheldar versus Sarah, Kheldar defeats Sarah 5 - 1
Matt versus Vinny, Matt defeats Vinny 5 - 0
Candy versus Pslyder, Candy defeats Pslyder 5 - 3
Jaycy versus Koyliak, Jaycy defeats Koyliak 5 - 4
Art versus Sartan, Art defeats Sartan 5 - 4

Round Two - Sartan was disqualified due to leaving the event, Candy was given the bye

Winner's Bracket:

Art versus Jaycy, Jaycy defeats Art 5 - 2
Kheldar versus Matt, Matt defeats Kheldar 5 - 4

Loser's Bracket:

Pslyder versus Sarah, Pslyder defeats Sarah 5 - 2
Koyliak versus Vinny, Vinny defeats Koyliak 5 - 4

Round Three - Matt was given the bye

Winner's Bracket:

Candy versus Jaycy, Jaycy defeats Candy 5 - 1

Loser's Bracket:

Art versus Pslyder, Art defeats Pslyder 5 - 2
Kheldar versus Vinny, Vinny defeats Kheldar 5 - 2

Round Four - Art was given the bye

Winner's Bracket:

Jaycy versus Matt, Jaycy defeats Matt 5 - 3

Loser's Bracket:

Candy versus Vinny, Candy defeats Vinny 6 - 5

Round Five - Matt and Jaycy sit out to determine who fights Matt in the semi-final match.

Art versus Candy, Candy defeats Art 5 - 4

Semi-Final - Jaycy sits out to determine who will fight her in the final match.

Candy versus Matt, Matt defeats Candy 5 - 3

Final Round

Matt versus Jaycy, Jaycy defeats Matt 5 - 3.

And there you have it, folks! Seven grueling rounds, but in the end Jaycy emerges triumphant to claim the sixty-seventh Diamond! Congratulations Jaycy! Well tried, everyone else! And a big thank you to Tass for covering the latter half of the event! It could not have happened with you all!
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