Diamond Quest Sixty-Two!

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Diamond Quest Sixty-Two!

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Seven Duelists arrived to stake their claim on the coveted stone! Maranya, Wyheree, Tasslhoff, Pslyder, Jake, Harris, and G'nort all put their fists to the test!

Round One:

Anya was given the bye, and Wyh faced off against G, Tass faced off against Harris, and Pslyder faced off against Jake.

Wyh defeated G in a perfect shutout, taking the match five to zero in five rounds.
Tass defeated Harris five to four in nine rounds.
And Psly defeated Jake five to two in nine rounds.

Round Two:

In the Winner's Bracket, Anya and Wyh faced off with Anya taking the match five to four in nine rounds, and Tass faced off against Psly, with Psly taking it five to one, in nine rounds as well.

In the Loser's Bracket Jake was given the bye, and G was the first person taken out of the tournament as Harris won five to three in ten rounds.

Round Three:

In the Winner's Bracket, Anya faced off against Psly for the last match before the event finals, taking Psly five to one in six rounds.

In the Loser's Bracket, Harris was eliminated by Wyh as she won five to four in six rounds. And Tass eliminated Jake five to three in six rounds as well.

Round Four:

Anya had to cool her heels for a while until events resolved themselves in the Loser's Bracket and Wyh was given the bye.

Tass and Psly rematched, and Psly took it again five to four in eight rounds.

Round Five:

In the last match of the Loser's Bracket, Wyh defeated Psly five to two in seven rounds.

Round Six:

In the Penultimate Match of the Event, Wyh and Anya rematch again for the fate of the Diamond. Wyh keeps afloat, handing Anya her first loss in a close five to four match in six rounds.

Round Seven:

And now, the final match up of the night features Wyh and Anya one last time. Wyh is able to claim victory, five to three, in nine rounds!

Congratulations to everyone who entered, and after seven grueling rounds, and after taking on all obstacles in her path, I hereby proclaim Wyheree the sixty-second Diamond!
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