Ale, challenges, and slumber parties

Tales from a goblin-infested brewery (home of Jake Thrash and Badsider Brew), and a lawyer-infested sports bar (home of Kalamere Ar'Din and The Line).

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Ale, challenges, and slumber parties

Post by Jake » Mon May 10, 2010 2:37 am

Jake kicked back in his chair, mug of Badsider in hand, and read over the note sent by Maria again. "...with all my love and devotion. Forever yours..."

Love and devotion? "Only if you count her love of hitting me in the head with her baseball club," the orc chuckled to himself. "Maybe she's still feeling delusional from her recent illness."

Whatever the case, the grant she sent to him only had one use, which was to challenge for overlord.

The half-orc had never seriously thought about challenging for a title. Being a warlord was pretty much enough for him. Plus, keeping the brewery going took most of his free time. It was hard enough just finding the time to visit the Arena or Outback just to get in some exercise.

Outside of his office and across the hall, in his his living quarters, Jake could hear giggling. Right. Keeping the brewery going, and hosting Taneth's impromptu slumber parties. The orc smiled to himself. Can't forget those.

Jake idly brought the mug of ale to his lips and guzzled down some of the latest batch of Badsider. The days were busy with bottling in preparation for shipping to the various establishments in Rhydin. The first shipment was earmarked for the Outback, as always. The second for the Arena. While he thought about it, Jake leaned forward and scratched down a note to send a case or two to the new governor, Dris. And then, as a consolation, a case for the former governor, Matt.

Did he really have time to be overlord?

The orc took his ale back up as he mulled over the question. Well, if nothing else, if he managed to win, he could have some fun with it. Like declaring Badsider the official drink of the Arena.


The orc glanced at Maria's note a final time, folded it back up, and placed it on the corner of his desk before penning a note to G'nort.

"JaAake!" A musical voice called in a sing-song from the across the hall. "We need more marshmallows, Jake!"

Jake chuckled to himself, blew out the candle on his desk, and ambled out of his office, humming tunelessly, off to find more marshmallows for Taneth and Rekah and to fetch some more ale for himself.
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