Break-in at the Brewery

Tales from a goblin-infested brewery (home of Jake Thrash and Badsider Brew), and a lawyer-infested sports bar (home of Kalamere Ar'Din and The Line).

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Break-in at the Brewery

Post by Jake » Fri Feb 12, 2010 11:10 pm

The figure cased the brewery for several hours. No signs of external cameras or surveillance, and no obvious guards. With night solid closing in, the figure snuck into a second-floor window that had been left open. The window opened into an office that was unoccupied. Open ledgers and paperwork lay scattered about the desk. The intruder moved past the desk and to the closed door. He cracked it open and peeked into a darkened hallway. There were no signs of activity, and the figure slipped into the hallway, moving without noise towards a stairway that led into the brewery proper.

The brewery itself was dark as well. Operations were closed down for the evening. The figure slipped between large vats, avoiding the aisles and slipping behind and around the machinery to avoid detection. Finally, he climbed up a ladder and to the top of one of the vats. The smell of wort and hops was strong. The invader opened the lid, taking care to avoid making noise, although the background hum of machinery ought to mask any sounds he made. He smiled down at the batch of beer that would be dispensed to local taprooms and taverns soon...including the Red Dragon Inn.

The figure smiled to himself as he began emptying a larger container of a pinkish potion into the beer. Almost done, and then he would slip out, still unseen. "Now to watch Cupid get a little help."

As he started to close the lid, a pair of beady eyes locked with his from across the vat. "What'cha doing?" A tiny goblin, lying prone on the vat, chin propped up on his hands, was watching him.

The intruder lurched backwards, almost tumbling off the ladder, before he caught himself. He hissed with surprise and the close call.

"What'cha doing?" the goblin repeated.

The intruder stared at the goblin, not sure how to respond. The brewery had a watch-goblin?

"What was the pink stuff?" The goblin got to his feet and marched across the lid, his eyes locked onto the container in the invader's hands.

"Um, just adding a special ingredient?"

"Really?" The goblin's eye lit up. "I LOOOOOVVVVE secret ingredients!" The goblin, darting faster than the intruder could have inspected, grabbed the container and pulled it away.

"Mmmmmm" the goblin sniffed the air above the container's open mouth. "Ooooooooo."

The intruder clung the ladder, frozen in place, not sure what he should do.

"Can I help?"

The intruder blinked.

The goblin waddled back across the vat and pointed to three other barrels. "Those barrels need the secret ingredient too! They are going out tomorrow for delivery!"

With the goblin's back turned, the figure decided now might be the chance he needed to escape and began slipping back down the ladder.

"Do you need to go? So soon?" The goblin peered down at him from the top of the vat.

Moving faster, the figure reached the floor and looked for a quick escape, afraid the goblin was playing with him, or would be raising the alarm soon.

"Ok! It was nice to meet you! How about if I take care of the other three barrels?" The goblin began singing to himself as he bounced across the top of the vat and leaped up onto a support beam to cross over to the next barrel.

The figure made a break for it, using the goblin's distraction to reach the stairs and escape. Behind him, in the brewery, he could hear the goblin talking to himself. "Oh, I bet Jake will be so happy that we added the secret ingredient for him! I hope everyone likes the special brew!"

The intruder slipped back out through the window he had entered and into the darkness of Rhy'Din. Not quite as planned, but perhaps even better if the orc blamed it all on the goblin.
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