Tour de RhyDin 2010 Official Rules: Terms of Dueling

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Tour de RhyDin 2010 Official Rules: Terms of Dueling

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Universal Terms

All normal rules of Rings of Honor dueling are in effect, with the following additions/changes.

Only duels between participants are counted as "Tour" duels; however, you can still earn points in a regular stage for winning against non-Tour participants.

Duels against teammates are not counted as "Tour" duels.

A player may not have more than two characters in the Tour, and they may not be on the same team or participate in the same Tournament/Brawl stage.

If a player drops their connection in a Regular stage, they have 10 minutes to return to the room; after that, their opponent can choose to wait further, draw, or null the duel. If their opponent chooses to draw, they either receive 0 Nobles if they were behind, or the difference in scores in Nobles if they were ahead.

If a player drops their connection in a Tournament or Brawl stage, they have 5 minutes to reconnect, else they forfeit their current match in a Tournament stage or are knocked out in a Brawl stage.

Duelists may only use two fancies/feints/spells more than their opponent; the level of spell is also affected by this restriction (i.e. no Mage-level spells unless your opponent is Magician/Wizard/Mage).

Regular Stages

To duel in the Regular stages, duelists need to show up in the official room of the discipline being fought during the official times and duel other Tour duelists.

Each duelist starts with 0 Nobles, the color determined by the discipline (see the Scoring section). For each win, duelists gain Nobles equal to the difference in scores; for each loss, duelists lose Nobles equal to the difference in scores minus one. Duelists can never go below 0 Nobles.

At the end of the stage, the duelist with the most Nobles wins the stage, and the rest are divided into segments based on Nobles collected. A duelist must duel at least once during the stage to be ranked.

Tournament Stages

All tournaments are double elimination, meaning that a duelist must lose twice to be eliminated. This means that in the final, the champion of the loser’s bracket must defeat the champion of the winner’s bracket twice to win the tournament (as that duelist would be undefeated).

To participate in a Tournament stage, duelists must register by posting in the stage's thread. Registrations will be closed fifteen minutes before the stage starts. There will be no walk-ins.

There are no ties in Tournament stages; duels will go until one player has at least 5 points and has a one-point lead.

Brawl Stages

The following rules apply to brawl stages (reference the Megabrawl rules here: ... hp?t=19316, with the addition of one major rule):

The order set before the Brawl will determine the order in which the moves are considered to have been performed. The first round will go 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8, the second will go 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-1, etc. This will determine, in the case of more than one person attacking a single dueler, who swings first in the round.

Each player will send in two moves- one primary move and one secondary move. The primary move must also have a name sent along with it- that is the person the move will be directed against. If a different fighter than the one sent attacks the fighter, the secondary move is used on that person. Any other attacks on that dueler work automatically, as it is assumed that the attackers are coming in from too many angles for the attacked to be able to try and stop them all. If two fighters direct their attacks at each other, then it's figured out like a normal duel- match the moves on the matrix.

Offensive or defensive moves can be used as either primary or secondary maneuvers.

After a move is selected, two more must be used before the first can be picked again. Thus, if a jab is used as one's primary attack in a round, it can be used as a secondary attack in the next (i.e. Round 1- Jab/Snapkick, Round 2- Sweep/Jab is acceptable). However, if it is used as a secondary attack, a full round must pass before it can be used again. Yes, this means that a round consists of two moves.

All duelists have sixty seconds to decide their move for the next round and send it in. This rule will be enforced as well as possible.

Each player will start with 10 stamina points. Each hit takes off one point, and each advantage takes off a half-point (except in DoF, where advantages do not reduce stamina unless they are converted via a double advantage or fancy). When a duelist reaches 0 points, he or she is automatically knocked out from the brawl unless other rules apply.

Players may use a static defense as their primary move to defend another player; when moves are resolved, any attacks on that player will first match up with the primary defense, then with any other players who also primary-defended that player, and then the player's secondary. All subsequent attacks will still automatically hit.

The following moves are defined as "static defenses": Lateral Parry, Circular Parry, Armblock, Legblock, Shield, Reflection.

In addition to these rules, each discipline has a special brawl rule:

For DoS Brawls:
A fancy defense will block all defensible attacks during the round. However, the fancy only scores on an opponent if there is one attack.

For DoF Brawls:
Duelists are NOT automatically knocked out of ring when they reach 0 stamina. A duelist at 0 or 1 stamina points must be hit with one of the following moves to be knocked out: flip, hook, uppercut, spinkick, snapkick, scoring on a conversion, or scoring a point on a fancy.

For DoM Brawls:
All duelists are limited to two advanced, non-Mage level spells, like a Sorcerer.

Tag Team Stages

Tag team stages involve pairs of duelists fighting tag-team style in a single-elimination tournament format.

To participate in a tag team stage, one duelist must register the pair by posting in the stage's thread. The only restriction on partner choice is that both duelists must be Tour participants. Registrations will be closed fifteen minutes before the stage starts. There will be no walk-ins.

The following rules apply to tag team matches (reference the Tag Team Tournament rules here: ... hp?t=19697):

Each pair will choose which partner will start the match. The match begins like a normal duel.

Whenever a duelist wishes to tag out to his/her partner, the duelist must inform the caller at the same time that a maneuver is sent in. The caller of the match will report the results of the round in the usual fashion, and also announce that a duelist is tagging out if the tag was successful.

A tag is only successful if the duelist attempting to make it is not scored upon, either an advantage or a full point. If a duelist attempts a tag and is scored upon, the tag will fail, and the next round will continue with the same duelist in the ring. In addition, a successfully tagged in opponent cannot use the same maneuver that his/her partner used in the previous round.

The match continues until both duelists on a team are eliminated by having at least five points scored upon him/her. Tagging out will not diminish the number of points that are scored on a duelist. A full point difference is not necessary for a duelist to be eliminated, only reaching the five point mark.

Once one duelist is eliminated, the match will continue with the remaining partner fighting alone. If only one duelist is left per team the match becomes a regular duel, and a full point lead is required for victory.

Once per match, a team is allowed to perform a double team maneuver. When attempting a tag out, the teammate entering the ring may send a move as well. This move must be different than the move being sent by his or her partner, and different from the last round. Both moves will be scored against opponent's move. Neither move may be used the next round.
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