Looking Back, Looking Forward

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Looking Back, Looking Forward

Post by Amaltea » Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:12 pm

With the holiday season upon us, I have been thinking about where this forum was a year ago. I am very pleased -- and relieved -- to see the renewed vitality we have today. I take no credit and am grateful to all those players who do deserve it, most especially all the callers who perform that most important job here.

I am glad to see the Tour de Rhydin return. It is meant to be a yearly event that fosters interest in all three sports. It was missed last year.

With the dueling in better shape, I am focused now on improving the tools available to the coordinators and their assistants. Standings are still done more-or-less by hand, for one. The Standings Keepers have put up with this, without complaint, for too long. As full Standing automation has proven to be much more complicated than expected, I am seeing that interim tools are created to meet immediate needs.

Other tools in the works are for the Histories. How to find an easier way to update and add to the Histories without having to write code. This way the person(s) responsible for this job can do it easier and faster.

One of the tools already finished and functioning is the schedule. We can now maintain and change the schedule without having to change the page's code. This is available at the moment only on the front page. The front page Schedule section also displays any event listed in the calendar.

Last but not least, our forum software is out of date and will be changing. This will be a major change as it will not only change the way the forum looks, but how it works. We will keep the forum informed of when this will happen with plenty of advance notice.

I wish you all happy holidays and the best for the new year!

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