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Cassius Gaius Maximius
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Pathfinder Challenge

Post by Cassius Gaius Maximius »


I hereby issue challenge to you for Pathfinder. I'm going to decline to offer a reason for this challenge, because between my personal history with you and my history with the Opal, I can't think of any one reason out of many compels me more than any of the others.

~Gaius of the Cassii
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Post by Vinny »

It's about time. I was wondering when someone would finally decide that I've held onto this thing long enough. I can't say that I'm totally surprised it's you, but considering how we've managed to avoid each other's path for a while now, it seems odd that you "suddenly" get an itch for the opal again now that I have it.

In any event, let's try to get this thing done on Monday.
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Post by DUEL Wyh »

This challenge took place earlier this evening - and it started outside the rings, as they brawled like drunken sailors through a 13 round match which saw Cassius as the victor. They finally entered the ring for the second match, which Vinny won in 7. The third match, Cassius started strong, but Vinny wore him down, and ultimately retained his right to hold Pathfinder.

As Vinny left with Cassius to have some legal matters sorted out, he asked that I take the box containing Pathfinder to hold for him while he was detained by the Watch. I can think of no safer place to hold Pathfinder than the Tower of Water, so it will remain there until Vinny has answered the charges against him.



1) Snapkick/Sweep
2) FEJumpkick/FEFlip
3) FAArmblock/Sweep
4) FADodge/Jab
5) Sweep/Jumpkick
6) Spinkick/Snapkick
7) FEFlip/FADuck
8 ) Jab/FAArmblock
9) Jumpkick/FADodge
10) Jab/FEFlip
11) FALegblock/FALeap
12) Flip/Chop
13) Jab/Jumpkick

Cassius def. Vinny 5-4 in 13

1) Sweep/Jab
2) FALegblock/Flip
3) FEJumpkick/FADodge
4) Jab/Flip
5) Sweep/Snapkcik
6) FEJumpkick/Flip
7) FEFlip/Spinkick

Vinny .def. Cassius 5-1 in 7

1) FALeap/Flip
2) FADuck/FAArmblock
3) Sweep/FEJab
4) Hook/Chop
5) Sweep/Uppercut
6) Snapkick/Jumpkick
7) FEJumpkick/Jab
8 ) FALeap/Jumpkick
9) Flip/Jab
10) Sweep/FALegblock

Vinny .def. Cassius 5-4 in 10
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