Diamond Quest 52 Results!

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Diamond Quest 52 Results!

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Diamond Quest Fifty-Two

On Sunday, January 20th, ten of the Outback’s best came together for Diamond Quest 52! And what a night it was!

With the number of participants so high, the format for this Quest was different than in years past; instead of a standard Round Robin or Double Elimination event, this Quest had 6 Round Robin rounds with the top 4 competitors advancing to Single Elimination winner-take-all rounds. The path to those SE bouts was anything but easy.

Round Robin

Round 1:

Paired off by seeding, the five pairs opened things up with a great deal of gusto and energy. Harris’s match against Cassius was the first to end with Harris pitching a 6 round shutout. Soon after, Matt downed Xerzes as Sartan, in his very first DQ, took a win over Kheldar who’d won of 2 of the last 3 Quests. In the longest bout of the round and the night at fourteen, Koyliak and Bran kept things at a Sudden Death stalemate for six straight rounds with Koy finally breaking the cycle and taking the win.

1-0: Koy (6), Harris (5), Matt (5), Art (5), Sartan (5)
0-1: Bran (5), Xerzes (3), Ria (3), Kheldar (3), Cas (0)

Round 2:

The fighters kept up the pace in the second round with Matt squeaking past Kheldar and Ria pounding on Bran. Koy bested Art in an easier and shorter fashion than her first round fight, Harris handed Sartan his first loss, and Cassius dispatched Xerzes to the 0-2 group.

2-0: Koy (11), Matt (10), Harris (10)
1-1: Sartan (9), Ria (8), Art (8), Cas (5)
0-2: Kheldar (6), Bran (6), Xerzes (6)

Round 3:

Things didn’t get much easier for anyone with the third set of pairings. Sartan, after his hot start, lost his second straight to Koy while Kheldar found himself winless as Bran netted his first victory of the night. Xerzes took his first win and beat up on Art while Cas, in a very close match with Ria, put himself at 2-1 on the night. Matt and Harris fought it out for twelve rounds with Matt securing the win which placed both Simons at 3-0.

3-0: Koy (16), Matt (15)
2-1: Harris (14), Cassius (10)
1-2: Sartan (12), Ria (12), Bran Brale (11), Xerzes (11), Art (11),
0-3: Kheldar (10)

Round 4:

In a battle of the undefeated, Matt and Koy squared off with the female Simon handily dispatching her husband. Kheldar put a notch in the win column by beating up on Xerzes while Bran and Art only allowed their opponents, Harris and Cassius, one point apiece. Sartan, despite his penchance for not beating up on women, still took down Ria handily.


4-0: Koy (21)
3-1: Matt (18)
2-2: Sartan (17), Bran (16), Art (16), Harris (15), Cas (11),
1-3: Xerzes (15), Kheld (15), Ria (14)
0-4: N/A

Round 5:

With everyone tiring, the Quest surged forward. Harris, wanting to avenge his prior 5-1 loss, knocked Koy from her undefeated spot while Kheldar kept himself on the right track with a win over Cassius. Sartan gave Matt his second straight loss and Bran kept up his torrid pace in beating Art, having allowed only three points in his last two fights. Xerzes knocked Ria around in the shortest bout of the night and scored five straight, beating her in 5 rounds.


4-1: Koy (24)
3-2: Bran (21), Sartan (22), Matt (21), Harris (20)
2-3: Xerzes (20), Kheldar (20), Art (18), Cas (14)
1-4: Ria (15)

Round 6:

This was the last of the Round Robin matchups, with the top 4 advancing to the Single Eliminations. Seven of the ten duelers still had a legitimate shot at making the SE’s (Koy was locked in; Ria and Cas had fallen out of contention), and everyone remained on their game despite increasing fatigue. Matt secured his spot in the SE’s with a win over Art while Sartan did the same in besting Xerzes. Kheldar gave himself a great shot by winning his third straight over Harris and had to wait for the outcome of the Cassius-Bran fight to see if he’d make it. Though Cassius won, Bran scored enough to tie Kheldar in points and advance to the SE’s by virtue of his earlier head-to-head victory over the Outback’s second in command.

Final Round Robin Standings:

4-2: Koy (27), Sartan (27), Matt (26)
3-3: Bran (25), Kheldar (25), Harris (24), Cas (19)
2-4: Xerzes (22), Art (21), Ria (20)

Single Eliminations

Koy, by virtue of having already bested the other three, took top seed while Bran, having the lowest points total coming out of the Round Robin, had the lowest seed. The pair squared off again while Matt and Sartan settled in for a rematch. Despite the nailbiter fight which started the night, Bran worked his way into the finals with a relatively easy victory and Sartan knocked Matt out of the running in similar fashion. Interestingly, both of the Simons lost 5-2.

The Finals

Sartan and Bran squared off in their eighth and final fight of the night. Sartan jumped out to an early lead but Bran quickly tied things up. The two traded shots and kept each other close over the next several rounds much to the delight of the crowd, with Bran taking the lead twice and Sartan retaliating the following round. In the end, despite it being his first DQ and taking on a field of extremely tough competitors, Sartan knocked Bran down and out to take home his very first DQ victory!


ShadoWeaver, the black opal, having been vacant since Vanion’s forfeit in non-response to challenge by Dizzy Flores, was 2nd prize in the Quest. With Matt already holding PathFinder, there was no need for he and Koy to duel again to determine 3rd and 4th place. As Bran, the second place finisher, already held MoonBeryl, ShadoWeaver was awarded to Koyliak VanDuran-Simon.

The Outback staff wishes to congratulate Sartan on a job well done and an extremely well fought tournament as well as Koyliak for becoming the 22nd individual to hold ShadoWeaver! Thanks also goes to Rena and Erin for officiating the event and to the crowd for their support of the participants. We’re looking forward to seeing you at Diamond Quest Fifty-Three!

–The Outback Staff

((Here are the round-by-rounds for anyone who wants to see!

Round 1:

FINAL: Harris def. Cassius, 5-0 in 6 rounds
FINAL Matt def. Xerzes, 5-3 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Art def. Ria, 5-3 in 8 rounds
FINAL: Sartan def. Kheldar, 5-3 in 9 rounds
FINAL: Koyliak def. Bran Bale, 6-5 in 14 rounds

Round 2:
FINAL: Matt def. Kheldar, 5-3 in 9 rounds
FINAL: Ria def. Bran Bale, 5-1 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Koyliak def. Art, 5-3 in 8 rounds
FINAL: Harris def. Sartan, 5-4 in 10 rounds
FINAL: Cas def. Xerzes, 5-3 in 9 rounds

Round 3:

FINAL: Koyliak def. Sartan, 5-3 in 9 rounds
FINAL: Bran Bale def. Kheldar, 5-4 in 9 rounds
FINAL: Xerzes def. Art, 5-3 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Cas def. Ria, 5-4 in 9 rounds
FINAL: Matt def. Harris, 5-4 in 12 rounds

Round 4:

FINAL: Koyliak def. Matt, 5-3 in 8 rounds
FINAL: Bran Bale def. Harris, 5-1 in 5 rounds
FINAL: Art def. Cas, 5-1 in 5 rounds
FINAL: Sartan def. Ria, 5-2 in 8 rounds
FINAL: Kheldar def. Xerzes, 5-4 in rounds

Round 5:

FINAL: Xerzes def. Ria, 5-1 in 5 rounds
FINAL: Harris def. Koyliak, 5-3 in 8 rounds
FINAL: Bran Bale def. Art, 5-2 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Sartan def. Matt, 5-3 in 10 rounds
FINAL: Kheldar def. Cassius, 5-3 in 6 rounds

Round 6:

FINAL: Sartan def. Xerzes, 5-2 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Kheldar def. Harris, 5-4 in 8 rounds
FINAL: Ria def. Koy, 5-3 in 10 rounds
FINAL: Matt def. Art, 5-3 in 11 rounds
FINAL: Cass def. Bran, 5-4 in 12 rounds

Single Elims

FINAL: Bran Bale def. Koyliak, 5-2 in 10 rounds
FINAL: Sartan def. Matt, 5-2 in 8 rounds

FINAL: Sartan def. Bran Bale, 5-3 in 10 rounds))
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