Results of Diamond Quest 51!

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Results of Diamond Quest 51!

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On Sunday, October 21st, seven of the Outback’s best gathered together to vie for the 51st Diamond Quest championship! The Round Robin tournament consisted of, in order of random seeding: Bran Bale, Matthew Algiers Simon, Koyliak VanDuran-Simon, Kheldar Drasinia, Artemus A. Kurgen, Gork, and Vinny.

In total, the tournament, officiated by the current Panther’s Claw holder Rena A. Cronin, consisted of 21 total duels and 160 rounds (the longest duel(s) lasted 11 rounds and most lasted between 5 and 7).

Selected Highlights:

In the first round, Art started strong with a shutout victory over Kheldar, but fell to Gork 5-1 in Round 2 after being down 4-0.

In the fifth round, Bran had his best duel of the night, coming away with a 5-1 victory over Matt Simon in 5 rounds.

Art rebounded from two consecutive losses to dominate the other half of the Simon household in round 4, besting Koy 5-1 in six rounds, and followed that with another 5-1 in six victory over Vinny.

Koy got her lone victory of the night in the 5th round over Vinny, in a 5-4 eleven round slugfest.

The Championship Match between Gork and Bran, of course, went to Sudden Death, with Gork eeking out the victory for his very first Diamond title!

For those interested, a breakdown of each match/round is below.

Round 1:

FINAL Artemus A. Kurgen def. Kheldar, 5-0 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Gork def. Koyliak, 5-2 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Vinny def. Matt, 5-4 in 10 rounds

Art, Gork, Vinny: 1-0
Kheld, Koy, Matt: 0-1
Bran: 0-0

Round 2:

FINAL: Gork def. Artemus A. Kurgen, 5-1 in 6 rounds
FINAL: Bran Bale def. Koyliak, 5-3 in 8 rounds
FINAL: Kheldar def. Vinny, 5-3 in 11 rounds

Gork: 2-0
Bran: 1-0
Art, Kheld, Vinny: 1-1
Matt: 0-1
Koy: 0-2

Round 3:

FINAL: Bran Bale def. Artemus A. Kurgen, 5-2 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Vinny def. Gork, 5-2 in 8 rounds
FINAL: Matt def. Kheldar, 5-4 in 9 rounds

Bran: 2-0
Gork, Vinny: 2-1
Matt: 1-1
Art, Kheld: 1-2
Koy: 0-2

Round 4:

FINAL: Gork def. Matt, 5-2 in 5 rounds
FINAL: Vinny def. Bran Bale, 5-3 in 6 rounds
FINAL: Artemus A. Kurgen def. Koyliak, 5-1 in 6 rounds

Gork, Vinny: 3-1
Bran: 2-1
Art: 2-2
Matt; Kheld: 1-2
Koy: 0-3

Round 5:

Bran Bale def. Matt, 5-1 in 5 rounds
FINAL: Gork def. Kheldar, 5-2 in 9 rounds
FINAL: Koyliak def. Vinny, 5-4 in 11 rounds

Gork: 4-1
Bran: 3-1
Vinny: 3-2
Art: 2-2
Matt; Kheld; Koy: 1-3

Round 6:

FINAL: Matt def. Koy, 5-2 in 6 rounds
FINAL: Artemus A. Kurgen def. Vinny, 5-1 in 6 rounds
FINAL: Bran Bale def. Kheldar, 5-3 in 9 rounds

Gork; Bran: 4-1
Art: 3-2
Vinny: 3-3
Matt: 2-3
Koy; Kheld: 1-4

Round 7:

FINAL: Kheldar. def. Koyliak, 5-1 in 6 rounds
FINAL: Matt def. Artemus A. Kurgen, 5-2 in 7 rounds
FINAL: Gork def. Bran Bale, 5-4 in 11 rounds

Final Stats:

Gork: 5-1
Bran: 4-2
Matt; Art; Vinny: 3-3
Kheld: 2-4
Koy: 1-5

The Outback staff would like to congratulate Gork on his hard fought victory over a tough field of competitors, and to thank Rena for an outstanding job overseeing the entire competition. We look forward to the next event!

--The DoF Staff
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