Updates and Semifinal Matchups

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Updates and Semifinal Matchups

Post by Random McChanse » Mon Aug 27, 2007 10:40 pm

First off, congratulations to those who made it to the semifinals and secured invitations to the next Duel Master!

For those who lost in the quarterfinals, you might see in the invitation selection process that you are not accommodated for. Sorry for the oversight, I realized it a while back but wanted to wait for the quarterfinals to finish so I could formally announce and fix it. Now, the quarterfinal losers and the top 4 first round losers are placed in the "challenger matches"; the bottom 4 first round losers will have to go through the qualifier tournaments once again. The thread will be updated to reflect this updated information.

Now, a couple rule changes for future Duel Masters:

1) The first round, quarterfinals, and semifinals will all be two weeks long. Regardless of when the semifinals finish, the finals will be held on the Sunday following the second week of the semifinals.

2) Emailing your opponent will be required in contacting your opponent. Registration of invited duelists must include an email address at which they can be contacted.

3) The duelist on the upper rung of the bracket will now have first pick of discipline, rather than the higher seeded player always having precedence. If a duelist is able to upset a considerably higher seeded player, I feel they should receive a corresponding reward.

4) Scoring will be the cumulative point scores of the duels, rather than the cumulative point differences. If the semifinal duelists are fine with it, I could implement this rule for this tournament also, as it has no impact on past or future outcomes; it simply gives more credit to the losers, while simplifying the seeding for the "challenge matches" in the next tournament's qualifiers. Please post with your response!

Finally, the matchups for the semifinals can be found here at the Dueling Zone:

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Post by Jake » Sun Sep 16, 2007 9:21 pm

Any idea when Vanion and Harris are facing off?
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