You Dirty Rat

Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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You Dirty Rat

Post by G » Tue Sep 05, 2006 6:26 am

"Nobody likes a Rat, Corman." Followed swiftly by the sound of a closed fist striking someone across the jaw. "Least of all Mister Phenoli. He don't like rats."

"Nnnf! Join the club.. hatred of rats goes way beyond you fellas, I might say." was Cormans response, followed by the sound of spitting, plus a clattering of a small object across the floor. "Aww now look what ya did. That was one of my teeth!"

Laughter followed. "That won't be the last piece of ya, unless you would be so kind as to give up the goods and your partners. Look. We know it was you. A witness eyeballed you as the culprit and a couple of goombahs helping you out."

"'Goombahs'? Who knew you idiots actually talked like that? Ooof!!" Another fist across the jaw. "That's gonna smart for a while now." the snickered retort to the blow.

"We're not kidding, Corman. The witness said it was "Corman the rat" and some others he don't know. A lot of dough was taken from one of Mister Phenoli's place that you hit, and Mister Phenoli don't like gettin' hit by noone but Missus Phenoli. Being the generous man he is, if you give back what you took, he generously will have you killed quickly. But the longer you draw it out, the longer you take to die."

"Not exactly much incentive for me to give everything up quickly, is it?" Another blow to the face, coughing and spitting.

"Okay.. okay.. look. I'll make you a deal." heavy breathing, coupled with exhausted chuckling. "You let me go, and forget you ever found me, and never come looking for me again, I might not kill you all. Sound good?"

Loud laughter. "You'll not kill us? Corman, Corman. You're not exactly in a position to negotiate. You're tied, rather well, to that chair. There's seven of us and one of you. We have all our teeth.. well not Dougie, but the rest of us do. We're armed, you're not. Why should we be worried about you killing us?" Concluded with an even harder series of blows across the captive face, who still defiantly chuckles.

"Why?" Chuckled Corman. "Because not one of you is a lycanthrope. And I am. Now, as you've had your warning to release me, you may prepare to die."

The statement caused a momentary pause among the interregators, who had to pause to wonder what exactly a lycanthrope was. By then, it was too late. Corman had already changed into his man-beast crossover, his hands broken free of his bonds as his body shifted, standing just over five feet tall. Small for a human, but for a werebeast, animalistic and predatory, he was more than dangerous.

Horrified screams break out, the viciousness of the attacks brutal. It's over quickly, all dead in a bloody mess except the main interrogater.

Corman the Wererat approached the crippled, slashed body of the man who was trying to crawl away without the use of his legs. A wheezing chuckle broke through the terrified whimpers that were music to the beast. He placed a hand on the man between the shoulder blades, claws digging into his flesh and drawing more blood.

"I suppose, in retrospect, you are thinking that you should have studied more on negotiation tactics. No? Well then, I'd tell you that you really must learn to work on your people skills, but there won't be any need for that, will there? After all, I did warn you. Goodbye."

The figure above the warehouse watched silently as the wererat concluded discussions by tearing out the throat of the last man. He chuckled quietly at the banter even as he restrained himself from reacting as the scent of blood reached him.

"Vell. Zat is von of ze Lycans. Far too easy to find him, I am almost disappointed. He vill lead me to ze rest, no doubt. At least he vas entertaining to me, but the dialogue could haf been better." he quietly said as he watched the wererat leave carnage behind and make his escape into the woods.

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