Invitation to Nothing.

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Invitation to Nothing.

Post by CaediaThrn » Fri Mar 31, 2006 3:32 pm

Caedia was lounging in her computer chair fingering the wedding invite she had kept. Silver gaze shifted over to her computer monitor up in the attic of her cabin to study the picture of her and Kheldar that she had carefully cut out of one of the pictures so it was just the two of them. She had taped them up to the side of the computer to keep.

Kheldar Drasinia and Caedia Thorn are pleased to announce their wedding on Saturday, April First at the time of Two Thirty.

The celebration will be informal with a small number to witness the judge and then will return to Caedia's cabin for a lovely dinner. Dress is casual (formal only if you wish) and atmosphere will be lax as it is only family and a couple of friends.

We would be delighted to see you there, know that you are thought of on our joyful day.

Annette and Sylvia had insisted that they get their picture taken to include with the invite so there was one of Caedia and Kheldar in a relaxed pose but happy. Caedia herself had wrinkled her nose at the wording of the invite.

"Can't we just say "Hey, we like you, show up eh?" and be done with it? Joyful day?" Caedia asked trying to refrain from getting a pen and writing in "PS: Punch and Pie." on all of the invites.

Annette had smacked her upside the head while folding the invites and putting the pictures in. There were only ten of the invitations that would be sent out even though they had twenty as per the package.

"You know, I went along with your need to not have "girly" roses and whatnot, can't you give me a few mushy things?" Caedia snorted at the one she'd known as mom for a near seventeen years but relented quietly and instead just started handing her the tissues to put around the pictures.

"Get these sent out as soon as possible!" Caedia rolled her eyes but nodded.

"I will, I will!" So.. they were just a bit late. -She- herself had told the people she wanted to about the wedding, and the combined bachelor, bachelorette party Sylvia was throwing at the strip club was planned for the Friday night before hand.

Well, -some- were a bit late and some were a bit .. later. G'nort and Kaja's had "accidently" been left behind on her desk and not found until the appropriate time as the invite wouldn't get there until Sunday, the day after the wedding.

"Oops." Caedia whispered softly and obviously without meaning it as she stared at their picture.

-That- picture was yet another of the invites that had been.. altered to please Caedia. She had their envelope with Bane and Jaycy's name written out neatly by the man she had address them with his gorgeous writing, and then taken the invite itself and fixed it.

Fixing it, of course, consisted of her dropping it on the ground and grinding it into the dirt with her heel. Satisfied with the stomping job, she then shredded it and burned it a bit before dropping the ashes and left over pieces into the immaculate envelope. The picture was cut so that all that was left was the background and then carefully enfolded in tissue as the others had been and placed inside the envelope.

Drew and Iain had watched her as if she were crazy as she did all this but she just happily licked the envelope and shut it and included it with the rest of the invites.

"Your mother is crazy." Drew had said quietly and Iain had just nodded and snickered as Caedia stuck her tongue out at both of them.

Caedia now in the sanctuary of her attic and without the boys had been contemplating the next few days to come. Kheldar would be going to the cup finals soon, and Caedia had a few finishing touches to complete before the wedding.

She -still- couldn't believe this was happening to her. She never ever thought -she- would be the marrying type even if part of her reasoning was a little skewed. At least she loved the man, that was all that really mattered.

Caedia shifted from her thoughts and tossed the invite to the computer desk. Time to get going.

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