MoonBerryl Challenge results

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DUEL Kheldar
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MoonBerryl Challenge results

Post by DUEL Kheldar » Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:58 am

Tonight I witnessed Anubis attempt to relieve Ria of the opal MoonBerryl. The first match took place in the Pit per the defenders choice. Ria opened up early to help Anubis to the muck with a sweep. A round of positioning followed before Anubis tied it up with a jab over Ria's second sweep attempt. The next two rounds were spent looking for an opening before Ria retook the lead flipping down Anubis' jab. As had been the case the next round was spent jockying for position in the muck of the pit before Ria ducked out of the grasp of Anubis for a conversion to go up 3-1. Anubis got that point back in the following round blocking and countering Ria's Chop. He continued with the momentum scoring on a jumpkick and a sweep to go up 4-3 first. Ria blocked the jumpkick that followed to tie it up and send it to sudden death, and used that momentum avoiding the jab to go up 1-0 in the series.

Anubis started the second match the same as the first, with more success this time as he dodged and countered Ria's chop in his choice of rings, Styx. A pair of snap kicks advanced both scores in the second round and sent both duelers teetering and the third round was spent mostly recovering their balance. Ria came up swinging catching a spinkickgin Anubis to pull even at 2. Anubis tried to quickly recover with a kick, but Ria was ready to counter it and took her first lead at 3-2. Two rounds without a score threatened to break up RIa's momentum, but she recovered in the either round flipping Anubis' jab to get to match point. Anubis battled back avoiding a return jab to cut the lead in half, but Ria's chop knocked his leap out of the air to finish it off.

Ria Graziano Retains MoonBerryl and earns Grace until 06-0419.
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Anubis Ria
FDodge Sweep
FArmblock FArmblock
Jab Sweep
FDuck FLeap
ftlegblock Ft chop
Jab Flip
FArmblock FDodge
Flip Duck
FArmblock Chop
Jumpkick Snapkick
Sweep Flip
Jumpkick FArmblock
Jab FDodge

Fdodge Chop
SnapKick SnapKick
FDuck FDuck
Spinkick Uppercut
Snapkick Fancy AB
FLeap FDodge
Jab Flip
FDodge Jab
FLeap Chop
Ria Graziano
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Post by Ria Graziano » Mon Mar 20, 2006 3:02 am

Opal's in the Pit.

I don't want it, someone else can have it. I retired MoonBeryl and all that jazz.

Ria Graziano
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