Challenge to the Tower of Fire

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Challenge to the Tower of Fire

Post by Illusia »

::the missive was penned in emerald and silver flames that licked at the page and seemed to move with a life of it's own::

Keeper's o' tha Isle 'erself, fellow patrons an those tha' frequent tha Twilight Isle, let it be known tha' I 'ereby issue challenge ta tha Keeper o' Fire.
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DUEL Topaz
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Post by DUEL Topaz »

The challenge is valid and may proceed.

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Post by Esperwind »

Although I do not know if an official has been selected yet, Illusia and I have tentatively agreed upon Wednesday, March 1st, at 10:00 PM EST for the match.

Etherean Esperwind
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DUEL Azjah
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Post by DUEL Azjah »

The first match was won by Etherean 5-2.5 in 9 rounds.

Illusia: ff/mb/dis/ref/mw/sh/ab/ar/gf 2.5
Esper: sh/ref/ff/ms/wb/im/mw/gf/mw 5

The second match was a see-saw battle from start to finish, but Esperwind secured the win in the 13th round 5.5-4

Illusia: wb /ft /ar /ft /ff /sh/mb/wb/ab/ref /ff /mw /ft 4
Esper: ref/mw/mb/mw/im/ab/dis /ef/ wb /gf/ wb/mw/wb 5.5
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