Diamond Quest! January 2006

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Diamond Quest! January 2006

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This years first Diamond Quest went off without a hitch. Mostly. Well, would have had Harris brought more chocolate.

Regardless! We started off with ten strong duelers and the bets began flying all over the place.

Kheldar Drasinia, Max Blue, Harris D'Artainian, Face Loran, Tareth Thorn, Matthew Simon, Jaycy Evilbane, Tarl Cabot, Koyliak Vanduran and Xerzes Maureen.

The first round showed a surprising come back from 4-0 for Jaycy to defeat Matt, Max, Tarl, Tareth and Koy also were surprisingly taken out. Tarl then began his hot winning streak that would serve him well.

Second round was calmer but completely eliminated Tareth, Max and Koy while giving Xerzes and Jaycy their first losses.

The third round found Xerzes and Matt completely out and gave Harris his first loss.

Fourth round gave Jaycy an end to her good run and the Undeafeated as thus far, Face, his first loss.

Fifth took Harris out to go console Jaycy with his blue hair.

The sixth took Face from being Untouchable to out for the night and then in two straight matches, Tarl's hot streak completely burned the Undefeated Kheldar for the win and the diamond!

Congratulations Tarl Cabot for becoming the new Diamond! Wear it well!
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Post by Goldglo »

I'd like to express my congratulations to Tarl on his second stint as Diamond (the first one coming 17 cycles ago)! Kheldar was definately the man to beat, but somehow "The Geriatric" pulled out his experience when it counted most. The DQ was, once again, very hard fought by all, with a large turnout of participants and spectators that was wonderful to see.

Also, many thanks to Kali, Shard, and Jack for their officiating! We look forward to seeing everyone again (and perhaps a new Emerald or two!) in another three months!

--Matthew Algiers Simon
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