The Anvil

The Makings of a True Adventure! (well, at least to a Dwarf)

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The Anvil

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Walking slowly towards the very back of his Brewery, massaging his hands as he continues walking. A very stern look has formed on his normally happy face. He stops rubbing his hands and reaches for a handle that rests about chest high (to him). He grasps the handle with his left hand and places his right palm against the door. The combined actions cause the heavy stone door to shudder and then to open. He releases his grip from the door and steps back, allowing the door to swing open. He strolls inside while uttering things in dwarfish. The entire room comes into view as his massive forge flares to life. The fires when wailing loudly as they lick the think stone which they are cradled in. They roar in protest as Anheuser begins to stir the coals, then adds more fuel to his furnaces. A small image floats gently near a small anvil with a fur cloth draped over it. The image rotates slowly, as if to allow for greater examination. He picks up his hammer and moves it around in his hand. Swinging his arms a bit, to loosen them up. He walks over to on of his furnaces and grabs a pair of tongs, then reaches into the hissing coals and retrieves a lump of obsidian. He then walks over to the modified anvil and removes the fur covering with his hammer. He inverts the conical lump upon the anvil and smiles as a fine mist begins to waft about.

Before the cone shaped obsidian can tilt, Anheuser swings and slams his hammer down upon the hot and soft obsidian, causing it to flatten into a star pattern. H quickly continues to pound the center down to match the points of his new creation. He stops and using the tongs to pick it up then plunges them down into a barrel of water, smiling happily as the steam rises from the surface and disappears into the darkness of the high ceiling of his forge room. He goes back to the furnace and retrieves another cone shaped lump of obsidian and proceeds to repeat the actions. He does this for a total of four times. He walks over to a rack and grabs a rod with a large plate attached to it. He walks back to the small anvil and carefully places each star shaped piece upon the plate, then moves towards the raging furnace again. He plunges them carefully back into the hot coal and walks back to the slowly rotating, floating image and carefully examines it. He then walks over to a chest and carefully selects forty small hemisphere shaped amber gems, placing them into a soft velvet pouch on his belt and returns to a spot near the furnace. After several more minutes pass, he withdraws the four pieces and slides them carefully onto the anvil and goes back to the shelf and replaces the shovel like instrument, He then grabs a small rod and nods to himself and walks back to the anvil and proceeds to place eight small indentions around the amulet main center part of each amulet. He reaches into his velvet pouch and produces an amber gem then proceed to place one into each of the small indentions. He nods and makes two more small indentations in the center of each of the amulets, then places the remaining amber gems within. He smiles and takes a softly glowing spike and works a small rune into the center of the amulet, while carefully moving around the two amber half orbs. He smiles and walks over to a small desk and begins to examine of drafts for other orders. He awaits the proper amount of time and then removes the fur and retrieves each amulets and shakes the vigorously, then beams and places them into a larger velvet bag on his belt and walks towards the door, mutter something in dwarfish. The furnaces die to the brightly glowing coals and he exits the room, the door closing behind him. He then makes his way to the Guild with a giant grin on his face.
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