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DUEL Kheldar
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DQ Results!

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::the following is tacked to the cork board above a nail holding a large packet of paper clipped together.::

The Diamond Quest was held this previous Sunday. It was a hard fought tournament by all 9 participents, it's 7 rounds lasting well into the night. Due to that fact that it was called by various people most of whom were also participating in the event, I have printed the results off of the auto score archives instead of asking each person to submit results for the rounds they called. Thank you everyone that called. The DoF Staff wishes to congratulate our newest Diamond, and most recent Triple Crown winner, Cassius Gaius Maximius.

Kheldar Drasinia
Assistant Supervisor, Standings Keeper DoF

::the following printed out in good old dot matrix style printing on that green and white spooled paper, ::

Mur def Stick 5-1
Gork def Chris 5-4
Cassius def Matt 5-4
Max def Xerzes 5-4
Kheldar bye

Winner's Bracket
Max def Gork 5-4
Cas def Kheldar 5-1
Bye: Mur

Loser's Bracket
Xerzes def Chris 5-3
Matt def Stick 5-4


Winner's Bracket:
Mur def Max 5-3
Bye: Cassius

Loser's Bracket:
Kheldar def Xerzes 5-3
Gork def Matt: 5-4


Round 4:
Winner's Bracket
Cas def Mur 5-4

Loser's Bracket
Kheldar def Gork 5-4
Bye: Max


Round 5:
Winner's Bracket
Bye: Cas

Loser's Bracket
Kheldar def Max 5-2
Bye: Mur


Winners Bracket
Bye: Cas
Loser's Bracket Final:
Mur def Kheldar 5-3

Eliminated 3rd place:

Cas def Mur 5-3

Elminated in 2nd place: Mur
Winner: Cassius

((I was going to include round by rounds at the end of this, and I probably still will but I was doing this at work and I forgot about it and such, and put it off. I wanted to get at least something up here. ))
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