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Megabrawl Results!

Post by DUEL Jack » Wed Jan 12, 2005 10:27 pm

It was a tension-filled room when six showed up to try and brave the bear cage. Up for grabs, the opal MoonBeryl, and the bragging rights that they pried it from a ring full of fighers. Here's how it went.

Maetel jabs Mur, who's more than happy to jab her back. Mur then turns on Xerzes, who jabs down his sweep. Kheldar looks to go grabbing Anubis and sends him flying. Anubis gets up and tries to sweep Xerzes, who snapkicks him for the trouble. Tical then jumps on the anti-Xerzes bandwagon with an uncontested sweep!

Maetel- 9 Mur- 8 Xerzes-9 Kheldar-10 Anubis-8 Tical-10

Mur jumps forward first, aiming a kick at Kheld. Kheld was ready for an attack from that quadrant, but aimed too low with his snapkick. Xerzes goes for Mur again with a chop, but Mur's not there. (adv Mur vs. Xer) Anubis is keen on Xerzes' trail though, jabbing down his jumpkick. Tical tries to jump on Anubis afterward, but gets flipped. Maetel trades snapkicks with Tical afterward.

Mur-8 Xerzes-8 Kheldar-9 Anubis-8 Tical-8 Maetel-8

Xerzes is keen on Mur's trail, jabbing his spinkick. Kheldar takes Xerzes' sweep down with a jab, then everyone else jumps on the bandwagon. Anubis jumpkicks him andTical sweeps him. Ouch! Maetel takes advantage of the confusion to jab Anubis.

Xerzes-5 Kheldar-8 Anubis-7 Tical-8 Maetel-8 Mur-7

This round Kheldar attacks Mur first, but gets his sweep jabbed down. Anubis stays on Xerzes, booting his fancy ducking! Tical turns on Maetel with a chop, but the kitten tosses him away. Maetel then turns her attention on Kheldar and jumps on him, but he moves out of the way. Mur and Xerzes stay focused on one another, whith Xer snapkicking his sweep!

Kheldar-8 Anubis-7 Tical-7 Maetel-8 Mur-6 Xerzes-4

Anubis takes the initiative and jumps on Xerzes, getting by his chop. Tical jabs at Mur, who dodges and jabs down Maetel's snapkick in one motion. It's Xerzes who finally gets a piece of Mur, sweeping unaccounted. Kheld grapples with Anubis on the fringes to no avail, neither finding a good hold.

Anubis-7 Tical-7 Maetel-7 Mur-5 Xerzes-3 Kheldar-8

Tical looks for a sweep against Xerzes, who snapkicks the attempt, while Maetel tries to tackle Mur but goes for a quick involuntary flight instead. Mur swings a wicked uppercut at Tical, who dodges, then goes down to Xerzes' jab. Kheldar steps up and kicks Xerzes while he's defenseless, then turns just in time to trade blows with Anubis.

Tical-6 Maetel-6 Mur-4 Xerzes-2 Kheldar-7 Anubis-6

Maetel smells blood and attacks Xerzes first, knocking down his snapkick. Mur takes aim and jabs at Xerzes too, trading but leaving Xer stunned. Kheldar takes the opportunity to sweep Mur's dodge while Anubis uppercuts Xerzes clean out of the ring! Tical, on the fringes, trades kicks with the kitten.

Maetel-5 Mur-2 Xerzes-out Kheldar-7 Anubis-6 Tical-5

Mur's desperate, grabbing the cat from behind and flipping her away to protect himself, then jumping over Tical's hasty sweep. The kitten's fast though, landing and sweeping out Kheldar's feet as he tries to sneak up on her like Mur did. Anubis advances on Tical, jabbing but finding the ride a short airborne one.

Mur-2 Kheldar-6 Anubis-5 Tical-5 Maetel-4

Kheldar goes after Anubis, but gets booted for his trouble. Anubis then turns on Maetel and they trade sweeps. Tical takes advantage and lands a freebie high kick on Anubis, Maetel leaps for Mur and misses disasterously! (Fancy Duck).

Kheldar-5 Anubis-3 Tical-5 Maetel-2 Mur-2

Anubis wants a piece of Kheldar, but the big man's ready and tosses him. Tical wants a piece of Maetel, but gets a super nose beep denial! (Fancy Armblock). Mur and Kheldar square off with Mur getting the low blow in, then Maetel just bowls Kheldar right over when he's not looking.

Anubis-2 Tical-4 Maetel-2 Mur-2 Kheldar-3

Tical takes a whack at Mur and goes flying instead, Maetel and Kheldar step up and Kheldar gets beeped. Mur turns on what he thinks is a fallen Kheld and gets jabbed, but the distraction lets Anubis have a free shot on the big man.

Tical-3 Maetel-2 Mur-1 Kheldar-1 Anubis-2

What a bruiser! Maetel springs after Tical now but meets the business end of his knuckles. Mur and Tical face one another, once again Mur's successful with the sweep in that scenario. Kheldar boots Anubis in the confusion, but that doesn't stop him from knocking Tical in the back!

Maetel-1 Mur-1 Kheldar-1 Anubis-1 Tical-1

Mur wings a hip kick at Kheldar, who's facing him enough to dodge. Anubis then shifts just enough to throw Kheld's kick awry (Fancy Dodge) and get him off balance. Tical takes aim and boots Anubis while he's busy with Kheldar even though he tried to duck away, putting him on the ropes too. Maetel jumps on Kheld's feet to trip him up more, but it doesn't put him over.

Mur-1 Kheldar-0 Anubis-0 Tical-1 Maetel-1

Kheldar sweeps into Mur who crouched right into it. Anubis then leads the charge against Tical, tossing him and his jab to the ropes. There he squares up with Maetel, jumpkicking her while she winds up. Mur takes a parting jab to stun Tical on the brink, but he manages to stay in.

Kheldar-0 Anubis-0 Tical-0 Maetel-0 Mur-0

The biggest draws the most attention. Tical goes for Mur but gets chopped down. Everyone else goes for Kheldar. Anubis wants Kheld out first, but they collide in mighty uppercuts, both getting a headache but neither going out! Maetel faces up to Kheldar, who seems to have shaken off the exchange, in midring to snapkick her clean out! Mur then takes care of business by kicking Kheldar out before he can start celebrating.

Anubis-0 Tical-0 Maetel-out Mur-0 Kheldar-out

Tical toes up with Mur, jabbing down his sweep. Anubis just steers clear, dodging the snapkick aimed at him. Someone toss someone else out!

Tical-0 Mur-0 Anubis-0

Tical and Mur are still squared off against one another, Tical throwing the uppercut but Mur ducks underneath. Anubis, still skulking on the outskirts, still keeps his head low and ducks too.

Mur-0 Anubis-0 Tical-0

Anubis probes in with a snapkick at Tical, who dodges out of the way. Refusing to spare a glance, Tical and Mur duke it out and Tical finally spinckicks Mur's flip right out of the ring!

Anubis-0 Tical-0 Mur-out

Mighty kick, gathers much wind. (Spinkick/Duck) ... which converts the last advantage and Anubis goes tumbling! Ticallion Carter is the last man standing!

Ticallion Carter gains the opal and Jack's new title of "Toughest Man Standing". Can someone do better? We'll see soon!
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