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DQ results

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Last Sunday the latest Diamond Quest was fought, and one the newest Diamond was crowned.

Eight skilled duelers were entered into the tournament for a double elimination format bracket. And ended many hours later with the crowning of Akasha Annabella Adair, better known by all, and loved by most as Kaja!!

The round by round breakdown goes like this:

Round one:
1st seed Matt beaten by 8th seed Chris
5th seed Stick beaten by 4th seed Kaja
6th seed Face beaten by 3rd seed Kheldar
2nd seed Max beaten by 7th seed Anubis

Round two:
Winner's Bracket:
Kaja over Chris
Anubis over Kheldar
Losers's Bracket:
Matt defeats Stick
Face defeats Max
Eliminated: Stick, Max

Round three:
Winner's Bracket:
Kaja wins over Anubis to advance to the finals.
Loser's Bracket:
Matt eliminates Kheldar
Chris eliminates Face
Eliminated: Kheldar, Face

Round four:
Anubis def. Matt
Eliminated Matt

Round five:
Anubis def. Chris to advance to the finals.
Eliminated Chris

Anubis def Kaja 5-2 to force another round

Finals 2: Kaja def. Anubis 5-2 to win this cycles Diamond Quest.

(Finals Round by round:

LS LS 1-1
JA JK 2-1
LS FL 4-1
FLE FLE 4+-1+
FLB JA 4-2
JA FLB 5-2


JA FDo 0-1
FAB JA 1-1
Jab Jab 2-2
Fdo Hook 2-3
Jab FAB 2-4
Snk Jab 2-5

Sorry these are so late. ))
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