IFL 2023 Season PowerHouse Party Tournament

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IFL 2023 Season PowerHouse Party Tournament

Post by Kalamere »

PowerHouse Party!

The annual awarding of the Kiowa Belt will take place on Wed, Feb. 14th starting at 9pm. Below please find the rules and current list of invitations.

If you are receiving an invitation (listed below) and know you cannot make it, please contact me directly so that I can invite the next person on the list.

Tournament rules:
  • This is a 16 person single elimination tournament.
  • A fighter must have 2+ duels to qualify.
  • Every team will have 1 fighter on the final list no matter how far down the PDPB list I have to go.
  • All other spots to be filled in order of rank on the PDPB list.
    • Tie breaker 1: Strength of Schedule (the average bout class fought in).
    • Tie breaker 2: PDPB excluding bout class points.
    • Tie breaker 3: Team final placement.
  • 1 character per player. In the event two characters would qualify your higher ranked character gets the nod.
  • 1 entry per player. I don't know everyone's alts, please use the honor system. You don't need to tell me who you play if I list a duplicate, but please bow the lower ranked character out.
    • Please do not out other people's alts here, no matter how well known you might believe the association to be.
  • Mods are based on your IFL rank.
  • Ranking in the tournament itself will be first by regular season team placement then by pdpb rank so as to avoid as many team on team fights as possible. Other minor adjustments could be made to further that goal for the first round.
Invitation List (in alphabetical order):
  1. Anubis Karos
  2. Dakota Street
  3. Doran Ilnaren
  4. Eddie Blake
  5. Eden Parker
  6. Em Locke
  7. Gatito
  8. Hope
  9. Kheldar Drasinia
  10. Koyliak VanDuran-Simon
  11. Matthew Algiers Simon
  12. Myth 'Blue' Ascend
  13. Rachael Blackthorne
  14. Rekah
  15. Renley Killian
  16. Runt
On the night of the tournament if slots remain unfilled due to no shows, we will recruit from any fighters present (keeping the rules above in mind) to fill those slots. So, even if you aren't on the above list, please come out if you have an interest in participating - there always seem to be 1 or 2 people who have a last minute thing and can't make it.

Feb 4: Gren and Li out, Doran and Rekan in.
Feb 5: Jaycy out, Runt in.
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