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Max Lager
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Expert Adventurer
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Board Retirement

Post by Max Lager »

Hello All!

Due to personal reasons, the timetable of my retirement has sped up, so we are now looking for a board member replacement. As a reminder, all are eligible for Board membership. This group is responsible for making major site decisions, and the by-laws can be found here.

We have no strict requirements, but its very helpful if you share information about yourself and why you’re interested and believe you’d make a positive addition to the team. Please send a Discord DM or forum PM to any Board member to apply from now through the end of day February 3rd, 2024. At that point nominations will close and we will begin the process of selecting a new Board member, which will likely take no more than a week’s time. Currently the Board includes myself, Kalamere, Eden Parker, Jake and Ebon Ilnaren.

Thank you, and we look forward to speaking with all who hold interest!
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Eden Parker
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RoH Admin
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Re: Board Retirement

Post by Eden Parker »

Hello, everyone!

A big thank you to everyone who applied to join the Board over the last month or so. We are so grateful to everyone who expressed interest in helping support our community.

We are now pleased to announce that our new Board Member will be Nero Zhir! As many of you know, Nero is a long time member and supporter of our community as well as the current co-Duel of Fists Coordinator. He has distinguished himself as a great welcomer to new players and duelers alike. We are thrilled to have him joining our group, and looking forward to collaborating with him.

Please let me also extend my deepest thanks to our departing Board member, Max Lager. Max has been an essential member of our community for many years and as Duel of Magic Coordinator she brought a ton of creativity and new ideas to the role. Truly, we were lucky to have her.

Congratulations to Nero! Wishing you all the best, Max!
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