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Judgement & Exile

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"Li Xiaofan."

The name echoed within the Golden Pavilion. Xiaofan felt small with the piercing gaze of many on her but she did not let this deter her spirits and stood with chin raised.

"You show signs of decay and still refuse to take part in Shedding Rebirth?"

"I refuse." I say without delay.

Shedding Rebirth. A practice of my people. At a point in our life our bodies begin to break and are required to be `shed`; shedding away our bodies and being reborn anew. I may be Li Xiaofan but my spirit is connected to many past lives that have been written in the annals of the Golden Pavilion.

It is said this is both the blessing and curse that fell upon us by the Emperor of the Heavens during the Great War with the Usurpers of the Eastern Winds.

The majority see this as a never-ending cycle and meet their ends with grace.

The few see this as punishment and execution for sins they themselves had not comitted.

This spirit of mine may have been others in the past, but I am Me.

"I will waste no further time." said the High Judge from his seat up high. "Your name will be stricken from the records, your positions and privileges revoked, and you will be exiled."

Li Xiaofan, no longer high member of the Fenghuang branch. Li Xiaofan no longer existed in the written histories. A name now considered taboo. To be forgotten.
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