2023 End of Summer All Ranks Tournament!

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Alasdair Galloway
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2023 End of Summer All Ranks Tournament!

Post by Alasdair Galloway »

The Duel of Swords Staff is proud to announce the
2023 End of Summer Cycle All Ranks Tournament!

All Ranks, title holders included, are eligible to join!

The All Ranks Tournament will take place on Sunday, September 24th at 8:10 PM (EST). We ask all participants to arrive before 8 so that they can be counted as present and prepared. There are no activity requirements to join the tournament.

Sign up before 8 PM (EST) on Friday, September 22nd for early seeding access.

Tournament Prizes

Tournament Prizes are awarded according to the All Ranks Tournament Rules. The first-place finisher will have the first choice of any prize available (see exceptions below). Each subsequent finisher shall then choose their prize until there are no prizes remaining.

Special Prize: The Talon of Redwin

“The Talon of Redwin is awarded to the highest placed tournament duelist with the rank of Grand Master or below after calculating wins gained throughout the night. The Talon is named in honor of one of the Arena's most illustrious and well known duelers, Siera Redwin, past Overlord and Baron of the rings.”

The winner of the Talon will also be rewarded with a Barony Challenge Grant, which can be used anytime beginning with the next cycle until the cycle’s end. This Grant cannot be gifted, and follows all terms of the Universal Rules of Challenge.

The Talon of Redwin may also select a prize from the prize pool.

Tournament Grants

1. Overlord Challenge Grant (Test Free)

Only a duelist ranked Warlord/Baron can choose the test-free Overlord Challenge Grant prize. The winner of this grant will have 14 days beginning the day after the tournament (Monday, September 25th (6ET)) to challenge the Overlord. Normal challenge guidelines must be followed. No special grant holders may intercede during these challenges, nor can the Overlord initiate a Test of Worthiness.

2. Intercession Grant

Once during the following cycle, the winner of this prize may intercede in a challenge. The grant is considered spent once the prize-winner intercedes and the duel has started, or once the cycle has ended. The Intercession Grant can be used by its holder to either counter or issue a test of worthiness. This grant functions the same as Usage Two of the King’s Decree.

Donated Prizes

1. Overlord Prize: End of Summer Yacht Cruise
Enjoy 4 days and 3 nights aboard The Chimera, the official Overlord's yacht, for you and up to five companions. Experience five star dining and all the upscale luxury one would expect from a premiere resort hotel. Set sail south, where the seas are smooth and the weather has not yet given way to the chill of autumn. Two stops have been planned along the way. The first at the Fire Isles, a chain of volcanic islands in the south seas, known for their beautiful sunsets, healing hot springs, and exotic fauna. The second stop will be Tempest Atoll, an abandoned pirate island where it is rumored that a vast treasure has been buried. Might be cursed though, no promises. Aside from the treasure, enjoy world class fishing and lazing on the beach. We've got drinks covered but don't forget to bring the sunscreen. From there, enjoy a leisurely cruise back to the city, tracing the coast from afar so you can enjoy both the open sea and the changing landscapes alike.

2. Drowned Sword
This sword was found dumped in the river, and was brought to us as a donation. It bleeds shadows.

The Duel of Swords is not liable for any damages related to the possession of this sword. We make no guarantees of it's abilities, usefulness, or temperament.
Credit: u/darken1633 from Reddit for the image

3. Cash Prize: 100 Nobles x # of Participants

All Duelists will have their recorded wins throughout the night added to their record!
Sign up below!



(( OOC: Early Seeding will be based on the Cycle Rankings found on the Duel of Swords Standings page, followed by sign up or walk in time for those that don't pre-register. As this is an All Ranks Tournament, all participating duelists will be fighting at the Warlord Rank: this means participants are granted four (4) fancies during their matches. This tournament will be Double Elimination.

As previously noted, if we receive 16 or more early sign-ups, we will be exploring alternatives to the format including dividing the tournament into a Warlord Tournament and Talon Tournament, or shifting to single elim if that is more appropriate based on the ranks of our entrants. If we have less than 16 advanced sign-ups as of 8 PM (EST) on Friday, September 22nd, walk-ons (anyone signing up thereafter) will be welcome on a first-come-first-served basis, capped at 16. NEW: If we have five or fewer participants as of 8:10 PM (EST) the format will be Round Robin.

Any early sign-ups who arrive after 8:00 EST the night of the tournament will lose their place and be considered a walk-on subject to the first-come-first-served cap.

With the announcement of the All Ranks Tournament, the Overlord Grace Period —wherein no challenges can be made except by the winner of Overlord Challenge Grant (Test Free) prize or a Banished Loyal Baron— begins September 10th 6 EST and extends until October 8th 6 EST. ))
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Rachael Blackthorne
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Re: 2023 End of Summer All Ranks Tournament!

Post by Rachael Blackthorne »

Barring duties that will prevent mon participation, I will enter this tournament.

--Rachael Blackthorne
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Partly Cloudy
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Re: 2023 End of Summer All Ranks Tournament!

Post by Partly Cloudy »

I’m in.

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Abby Fenner
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Re: 2023 End of Summer All Ranks Tournament!

Post by Abby Fenner »

Three of my sisters and my niece have held the Talon. I'd like to try for it, too!

Abby Fenner
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Nikolai Allen
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Re: 2023 End of Summer All Ranks Tournament!

Post by Nikolai Allen »

I am going to do this too. For Dragon's Gate Barony! Plus I promised that I would.

Nikolai Aristotle Vevea-Allen, Squire of Dragon's Gate.

Da always says that people respect you more when you write formally. Did it work?
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Re: 2023 End of Summer All Ranks Tournament!

Post by XanthVanBokkelen »

I will attend this Tournament.
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Droet the Bold
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Re: 2023 End of Summer All Ranks Tournament!

Post by Droet the Bold »

I shall be there.

- Droet the Bold
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Abby Fenner Wins 2023 Summer ART

Post by Tippletoe »

Seven duelers participated in the tournament tonight! Tonight was the End of Summer Cycle All Ranks Tournament.

  1. Nikolai
  2. Droet
  3. Rachael
  4. Gatito
  5. Abby
  6. Xanth
  7. Salvador
Round One
Bye: (1) Nikolai

(4) Gatito vs. (5) Abby - Abby wins
(2) Droet vs. (7) Salvador - Salvador wins
(3) Rachael vs. (6) Xanth - Rachael wins

Round Two
Winners Bracket:
(1) Nikolai vs. (5) Abby - Abby wins
(7) Salvador vs. (3) Rachael - Salvador wins

Consolation Bracket:
(4) Gatito - Bye

(2) Droet vs. (6) Xanth - Droet wins

Round Three
Winners Bracket:
(5) Abby vs. (7) Salvador - Salvador wins

Consolation Bracket:
(3) Rachael vs. (4) Gatito - Gatito wins
(1) Nikolai vs. (2) Droet - Droet wins

Round Four
Winners Bracket: (7) Salvador - Bye

Consolation Bracket: (5) Abby - Bye
(4) Gatito vs. (2) Droet - Gatito wins

Round Five
Winners Bracket: (2) Salvador - Bye

Consolation Bracket:
(5) Abby vs. (4) Gatito - Abby wins

(7) Salvador vs. (5) Abby - Abby wins

Grand Finals
(5) Abby vs. (7) Salvador - Abby wins

Abby Fenner is the winner of the All Ranks Tournament!

Prize Listing
  1. Abby, +5 wins, The Talon of Redwin, End of Summer Yacht Cruise
  2. Salvador, +3 wins, Overlord Challenge Grant (Test-Free)
  3. Gatito, +2 wins, the Drowned Sword
  4. Droet, +2 wins, 700 Nobles
  5. Rachael, +1 wins, Intercession Grant
  6. Nikolai
  7. Xanth
Thanks to everyone for participating and coming out to watch the tournament!

Note: Challonge was used to generate the double elimination brackets. You can view the tournament here: https://challonge.com/1tfrm585

Note: Droet was offered the chance to pick a prize before Rachael, but after 10 minutes elapsed with no response in the room or via DM we moved on and gave Rachael the choice. Moving forward, you must be in the room and respond within 10 minutes to choose your prize, otherwise you will be skipped in the queue.

A HUGE thanks to Nero Zhir for helping me co-run this tournament.

A Tip-Top Gnome from Tip-to-Toe: I'm Your Tippletoe!
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