2023 Elections - Looking For Questions!

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Ebon Ilnaren
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2023 Elections - Looking For Questions!

Post by Ebon Ilnaren »

Hello everyone!

I am planning to host a debate/Q&A with the four candidates, time and date to be determined, but to that I need questions! So now I invite all of you to submit the questions that are near and dear to you. You can send your submissions via private mail or reach out to me if you see me around the city.

If you wish, you may have your names withheld. Questions can be directed to a specific candidate or to all of them.

Thank you!

Ebon Ilnaren
Minister of Foreign Affairs & Former Governor

((Questions can be sent to me via forum DM or Discord DM to @ThomSolo. If you wish, you may also post them here.))
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Mairead Harker
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Re: 2023 Elections - Looking For Questions!

Post by Mairead Harker »

Questions for all the candidates:

1 - What are your current plans for your potential term as Governor?

2 - Do you plan on having a Cabinet of Ministers or another body to assist you during your time as Governor?
If yes, do you plan on making changes to the current structure?
If not, how do you plan to take on a potentially monumental task on your own?

3 - Two annual events the Governor is expected to plan and host are the Winterfest Ball and Governor's Ball. At one point, these were one in the same. Do you already have ideas in mind for those social occasions? If so, what are they?

4 - The only person, so far, to put forth anything in their candidacy notice about their past and current service to the city of Rhydin is Gatito Lindo.

Ishikawa has been out talking to people. Her campaign posters show her native born connection and her videos give us glimpses into her ideas. She has also started a discussion on wanting to build a new stadium. It’s on the Arena’s cork board for those that would like to take part.

Can the other two candidates please give some insight into your connections to Rhydin and your public service activities? If you aren’t a lifelong resident, can you explain any public service you have done in your homeland?

Questions/comment for specific candidates:

Keira Danaye, will any of the events you are hoping to hold as Governor be charity events in support of your efforts to help the homeless and children in orphanages?

Nero Zhir, you have quite a list of things you hope to accomplish. My questions for you are as follows:

1 - While your goal to abolish slavery is a noble one, how do you plan to enforce that edict? What provisions will you make for people that have never known a different life that are, at best, reluctant to leave it?

2 - Can you describe your plans to revamp the public educational system in Rhydin?

3 - Are you aware that in at least two districts of the city, Old Market and Dockside, (with more facilities planned) that health care is available free of charge?

4 - Lastly, since a great deal of the wealth held by those that work in and travel through the City of Rhydin is not necessarily kept in Rhydinian banks and some funds are off world, how would your proposed tax plan be implemented since the Governor's office doesn't have jurisdiction outside of the city? Would the taxes be based on funds earned within the city?


Mairead E. Harker
Minister of Children's Services
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Re: 2023 Elections - Looking For Questions!

Post by royy »

An anonymous question was submitted to Ebon Ilnaren via public holonet terminal:

This question is for all candidates. Do you consider the governorship ceremonial or that it holds legal authority over people in RhyDin?

Location information had been encrypted, but with skillful effort could be traced to a specific terminal near a landing pad in Dockside.

((If anyone wants to discover who sent it, PM me and we’ll figure something out!))
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Re: 2023 Elections - Looking For Questions!

Post by Lasiodora »

Dear Gubernatorial Candidates.

I have two linked questions that I would like answered by each of you. As I am sure you are aware, there are several neighborhoods and districts that are independent enclaves within RhyDin City. These enclaves maintain their own infrastructure, levy their own taxes, enforce their own rules, and otherwise operate as governments independent of the oversight of the traditional governmental forces and agencies of RhyDin City. That is to say, they do not pay taxes to the benefit of the City and they do not recognize the authority of the City Guard to enforce their rules on their citizens. Do you intend to recognize the autonomy and sovereignty of these enclaves? How do you intend to work with these neighborhoods and districts to ensure mutually beneficial diplomatic and economic relationships between them?

I eagerly await your replies.


Lasiodora Sesmembros
President and CEO
Nova Liberdade Autonomous District
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