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Lady Aikawa
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Re: Ishikawa 4 Gov

Post by Lady Aikawa »

For the sake of chaos, yanki brashness, one-upping Ishikawa’s bridge jump, the promise of a governor’s bodyguard paycheck, or some combination, Kyoko Aikawa - sukeban of the Only Club - spent the morning of the debate leaping from the old Kabuki Street department store onto a pile of ComfyCozy brand mattresses dragged out from a back room.

It was enough to draw a curious crowd as she jumped, landed, shook it off, and clambered up the fire escape ladder again and again. Her friends (and a number of shrimps she’d roped into this) helped pass out campaign stickers and flyers for Misaki Ishikawa.

“What are you trying to say with your jumps, after candidate Ishikawa’s?” asked a bewildered reporter sometime after her tenth jump.

Kyoko grabbed the reporter’s microphone, scowled and mugged at the camera, and said, “I say Ishikawa made a good choice. I do it for the Pizza Fridays, the Super Sonic Drinks, and the Cat Cafes.” She leaned into the microphone and the cameraman’s lens, widening her eyes intensely. “Don’t you like cats?”

The camera bobbed a nod, eager to get her to calm down. Kyoko didn’t drop the mic so much as lose interest in it. “I want chicken. We’re going to Jollibee’s,” she declared to people out of frame and sauntered off, limping some.
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Misaki Ishikawa
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Re: Ishikawa 4 Gov

Post by Misaki Ishikawa »

The video titled I GOT A STRIKE AND FELL FROM A TREE 5000 SUB VIDEO (RHYCOIN GIVEAWAY) begins with Ishikawa in the process of setting up her phone one-handed as her opposite arm appears to be in a cast.

With the phone set up she'd slowly sit back into her chair while giving an attentive look, as if trying to make sure the device doesn't fall again.

"Okay! So I haven't been uploading videos for a few days and uh, sorry! My account got a strike against it because I tried putting up a movie so a friend of mine could watch it but Rhytube said no! Anyway! I'm back now! Oh! And I just passed five thousand subscribers and that's huge! Cus of that anyone who comments on this video has a chance to win one rhycoin!"

"AND!" she then points at her cast. "I fell out of a tree! I was going to do a video in the forest and climbed the biggest tree but then I slipped! But you know what they say! If you fall get back up and as gov I will always get back up and fight for you!"

"That's it for now! I'm going to go eat! Bye-bye!" she then waves at the camera before reaching over to try and grab her phone, but it falls over. The viewers are left looking at the ceiling for a few seconds before Ishikawa's hand comes into view to grab the phone before the video cuts off.
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