Dockside’s Watch Headquarters.

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Dockside’s Watch Headquarters.

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So, I figure I may as well set in stone what the Dockside HQ in precinct 22 has. I decided to make this post to finally settle that.

The Watch in Rhydin is diverse group to say the least. Every district has its own way of running things, and that includes Dockside as well. Most of the facilities within Dockside do follow the norm of a typical policing agency in an urban fantasy setting. Just basic wards, security features, etc. The Headquarters on the other hand is a whole different beast. It’s divided into three floors, each one having its own purpose, and features. Let’s a take a look at them yes?

To start there is the lowest floor, the basement. It is divided into two sections, each taking over half of the floor. The first half is connects to the stairwell, or the elevator. It is the specialized cells, each cell being a specialized room that can be modified fairly quickly to contain anomalous individuals, or creatures that have shown to be hostile to the people of Rhydin. Essentially the highest security detainment zone dockside would have to offer. It is as of course not solitary confinement due to the inhumanity of such a procedure it does mean the potential for a break out is a non zero risk. As of course the cells are well designed, and either inhibit, or can withstand the abilities of whoever is held in depending on a specialized rune placed upon their walls. The second area of the basement is the emergency shelter for all staff, and civilians within the building if a hostile agency or entity decided to attack the building. Connected by a short wall blocked by a heavily enchanted steel door is the panic room. It’s called a room, but it’s fairly large. It can hold a couple dozen individuals within it comfortably, and while it is not the best place to stay it can nearly guarantee one’s safety under normal circumstances. The walls of this section of the building are multi inch thick steel, that is heavily enchanted not only by Jackson, but a collaboration of mages from dockside as well. Due to the nature of the various spells placed upon the steel unless a magic, that both Jackson, and three dozen mages have never seen, it would be dispelled. Though well, if it is a unique magic type, that Jackson, or the Watch may have realistically never seen before. Though it wouldn’t be easy to dispel, but, if the person put a immense effort in while using said magic it can fail.

The next is the ground floor, it is the office portion of the space. Divided into two sections, with one major subsection. The first major section is the office, it being the classic reception, and paperwork office area. It has personal desks, computers, the typical stuff. Yet the one thing out of the norm is that one would realize the computers used by the force are all retro. All older models not even connected to a single network. All digital files the Dockside branch has being contained on hard drives. While it does make handling things a fair cumbersome or difficult at times it works to keeps things secure. Due to the high amount highly skilled hackers in Rhydin, it was decided it would be best to switch to retro. In order to access a file you’d need to plug in the physical hard drive, and then plug in the password given to all major staff of the headquarters. So essentially active force members who do field work. All hard drives are stored within the building, but that will be explained in further detail later. The second part is just a break room at the back of the floor. Doughnuts, coffee, it’s what you’d imagine, and well, it really isn’t anything special besides the fact it’s well furnished. The force being treated well since they do risk their lives fairly often. Now for the subsection, that would be Jackson’s office. The wards on it his own doing, are strong enough to withstand a military grade Incendiary explosive device, why so specific? Because the wards held on against it. Due to pats experiences he does unfortunately have a cold iron doorknob, and window frame. Typically he wouldn’t have it, but it is for his own peace of mind. It is his place of work after all, his own personal retro computer along with multiple paper files strewn about. Typically that wouldn’t be allowed, but the office is warded in a way that unless you have a key you will need to try really hard to get in. Having to disable multilayered wards, and it is possible, but would take immense effort.

The final, and second floor is for records, evidence, and the labs. Each has their own section, and have varying levels of security. If you enter through the stairs or elevator you’d find yourself in the labs, having the equipment needed to test DNA evidence, along with narcotics, and ballistics. Able to do the lab work the field agents working for the headquarters could ever need. Now, past that to the middle of the floor they have the evidence room lock boxes and lockers. Due to the nature of Rhydin, and the cases that may occur there is a need for security levels. The lowest meaning any of the field agents can access with the highest only being accessible to Jackson, Samson his right hand man, and the captains of the specialized teams such as R.A.T.S, C.T, or R.S. These items tending to be magical weapons used in murders, or highly powerful magical artifacts that are locked in enchanted lockboxes, that are locked within specialized lockers. Under ideal circumstances only personal with high enough clearance level could access it. Lastly are the records, divided into a digital, and hard copy section this room is also under lock and key. It is unlocked during the day shift while all the drives tend to be in use before it is locked for the night shift. Where all items are required to be returned unless given special permission by Jackson, or the captain watching over operations. All documents and hard drives are stored within. The documents are stored within a series of filing cabinets for organization’s sake while the hard drives a set of drawers. All organized and catalogued to ensure nothing is stolen, lost, or misused.

Well, there we go, that is the Dockside Watch Headquarters, if you have questions such on maybe stealing something from it or the such please reach out. I would be happy to figure something out, but that can only happen if I know. Preferably do reach out on discord since I check that most often, but if you do message me here I sadly can promise a speedy reply.
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