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August 2023

Greg 8:07am: do you want to get ice cream tonight?

Michelle 11:43am: Hi Greg. I’m really busy today. The Bazaar Council has called an emergency meeting and I can’t find a sitter for Nadella. Maybe next time. - Michelle

Greg 11:45am: i can watch her

12:13pm. Michelle glanced at her phone. How did he have time to respond so quickly? She bit gently on the inner left side of her lip, thinking.

Michelle 12:14pm: Hey Greg. Thanks for offering to help. Can you meet us at the Villa, around 4pm?

Greg 12:15pm: you betcha

October 2019

Michelle snacked on some of the finger sandwiches and watched her team, the cast of Real World - Season 3 mingle with the manager, producer, and all the other staff. She was nervous. Nervous about being away from Derrick and the kids so much, about performing well in the Iron Fists League, and especially about being on camera.

“I like to people watch, too,” a baritone voice sounded beside her.

She blinked, and turned to look up slightly; first at the short but well manicured beard and then the blue eyes holding an inside joke.

“It’s why I’m a cameraman,” he chuckled.

“Oh,” she responded. “Oh!” Michelle laughed a little.

“I’m Greg,” he offered his free hand -- the other one was holding a craft beer.

“Michelle,” she replied with a firm handshake.
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