Daily Deliveries Are Back!

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Daily Deliveries Are Back!

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After several years of impromptu hiatus, daily deliveries of wrapped sandwich halves, cups of soup and pasta once more begin to decorate the bars of the Red Dragon Inn and Golden Perch. Every two by two by two box is made of reinforced particle board, lined with insulation to hold the contents' temperatures for as long a possible. On the side of the boxes, the logo of a cornucopia overflowing onto a pair of angel's wings proclaims this to be the handiwork of the Broken Wings Catering Service, a trademark of St. Agnes' Cathedral of Light in Old Market. Each meal is individually wrapped or packaged, sealed by the same tamper-proof charm guarding the boxes from harassment.

The empties are replaced daily, late in the evenings, by a variety of persons, the most recognizable being a lanky young man with fiery red hair, bright eyes, and a ready smile.

Make sure to say hi, take a meal if you need it, and don't forget to donate to your local Church!

"May His light warm and guide thee, in all thine words and deeds."

(Donations can be left in mail slot 7 of each establishment.)
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