Local Business Up in Smoke!

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Local Business Up in Smoke!

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Tragedy struck the home of a local Rhydin family this morning when an eruption shook through a bustling riverfront neighborhood in the Old Market district. Rumors of yet another marketplace bombing were quickly extinguished when Watch personnel and fire control specialists arrived on the scene a block south of the market square. Gathering crowds were quick to discover the source of the explosion in the still smoking shell of local business Greensmith Restorations.

Investigating officials believe the source of the explosion to be linked to an electrical discharge connecting with highly flammable chemical compounds. The explosion tore through the garage and expelled the doors into the nearby river. It is believed that owner Ed Greensmith was on the premises during the catastrophe, as well as his two young children, their cousin and babysitter, and apprentice. Search efforts have yet to recover any bodies. At this time officials are not reporting any casualties, but the whereabouts of these individuals remains unknown.

( More at: Sounds Pretty Heavy. )
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