Rhydin Pride 2021

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Rhydin Pride 2021

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At midnight, city employees rolled out the rainbow paint, slathering streets with all the colors and leading inevitably to City Hall.  The Usual Crews Know Who They Are!  

Morning will dawn colorfully for the kick off of Pride Week with a huge family picnic! City officials will be on hand to perform all manner of familial ceremonies including weddings, handfastings, and adoption finalizations. 

Ally T-shirts will be handed out in all manner of bright colors, and ALL the food trucks will be coming to City Hall and feeding the fun!

((OOC Note: keep an eye on this thread for updates!))

((OOC note: A previous version of this post inferred characters of a previous team painted the streets for Pride. I was unaware of the connection with player characters. I was asked to assist with this event, and apologize for the liberties I have taken with the information I was given, and will endeavor to do better in the future. Thank you for your patience as I learn and grow in my new role as Assistant Roleplay Coordinator!))
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