Books and Brews: Old Market's best kept secret.

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Books and Brews: Old Market's best kept secret.

Post by Michelle Montoya » Mon Nov 16, 2020 6:05 pm

Books and Brews

Nestled between two shops on the Old Market waterfront is a tall building with a brightly painted door. Some locals will tell you that this quaint establishment has always been there, others will tell you that it appeared suddenly when they were walking home from work. However and whenever it happened, the cozy Books and Brews squeezed into existence between the local knitting nook and a fourth-hand pawn shop.

Rumours abound regarding this new-but-old bookstore. Where did it come from? Has it always been here? Is it actually bigger on the inside? What’s the story behind Eärendil?

From now until New Years, Books and Brews is also hosting Blind Date with a Book. Are you willing to have a chance encounter based on a few words scrawled on neatly wrapped butcher paper?
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