March of the Frisbee Roombas

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March of the Frisbee Roombas

Post by Static Rest » Wed May 13, 2020 3:27 pm

Early this afternoon in the Dockside district, exactly seventy-four roombas departed a public gathering at the Dockside waterfront, organized by newly minted Baron of Dockside, IFL 2019 Hottest Babe, and VERY early gubernatorial candidate Olaf von Trunk, Esquire. Each roomba has a frisbee with Olaf's campaign slogan of VOTE >:[ attached to the top, and seems to motor endlessly along the sidewalks and gutters of Dockside and beyond, sucking up loose change and incidentally removing a decent amount of litter and debris. There are already reports of roombas bumping into or beeping at shoppers and vendors alike to make them drop their coins mid-transaction, as well as responding to perceived threats by wielding butter knives and plastic scissors and charging at people's ankles (at a brisk three-and-a-half miles an hour).

The roombas can be damaged. They can be destroyed. But can they be stopped? (Probably.) Currently seventy-four seventy-two fifty-two remain! And until they are stopped, watch your ankles, RhyDinians!

((Feel free to have your characters lose change or other small belongings to the robots, hunt and destroy them, whatever! As a courtesy, give me a heads up after the fact if you destroy any of them -- the best way to reach me is on Discord, @Miskatonic09#8031. I'd like to keep a tally of how many are destroyed so I know when their numbers are thinning or depleted. Thanks!))
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