FearFest: Dangerous Aftermath!

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FearFest: Dangerous Aftermath!

Post by Keeper of Stories » Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:20 pm

FearFest Aftermath!

The night started with drinking and dancing (and punching!) but soon took a turn towards darker terrors than planned for. The mysteriously darkening skies gave rise to chilling visions among the attendants, and creatures feeding off of people’s hopes and happiness began appearing in the shadows. Mud and slime started to cover much of the grounds, and a watery portal opened beneath the Ring of R’lyeh, dropping victims into a realm teeming with eldritch horrors. Among those who fell through was Michelle Montoya, current Overlord, Keeper of Water, and proprietor of Bak’d.

Dozens of creatures emerged from the portal to terrorize FearFest. Many were destroyed by brave souls in the crowd, but some made it out into the city to wreak havoc.

Some sought refuge in the Vampire Disco, but it was soon besieged by Abyssal creatures, and after a DJ (unaffiliated with EgoTrip) was murdered in the confusion, Abyssal fissures opened in the stage and allowed more beings to come in.

Eventually a number of attendants managed to seal the fissures and worked with CarnEvil, the event organizer, to seal the portal, moments after five ragged-robed youth reportedly emerged from it and fled the scene. However, CarnEvil vanished with the portal, the great Ring of R’lyeh has sunk halfway into the ground at a precipitous angle, and a number of souls remain trapped on the wrong side of the portal.

((Interested in playing into the aftermath of FearFest? Looking for some details? Need somewhere to post your Eldritch Monster Hunt? Check the thread here))
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