It's Brunchtime!

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It's Brunchtime!

Post by The Ashwoods » Thu Oct 03, 2019 10:07 pm

It's Brunchtime! ---- Red Dragon Inn, 10/6

Plop on a pillow, grab a mimosa, and relax this Sunday evening at the #red-dragon-inn (Oct. 6th, 8/7pm central) for Brunch----the best meal of the day, at a much more acceptable hour! Catering has been provided by Rhy'Din's own Omelettes O'Plenty, with coupons and brochures available to take home.

Patrons arriving in sleepwear, or who bring sleepwear to change into, will receive a complimentary stack of pancakes!

( Amaranthe reminds her patrons to be tasteful. *"But I sleep in the nude!"* will not be considered valid criteria for pancakes. )

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