What they're saying on the street.....

Hire the town crier to spread the word of your event or news.

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What they're saying on the street.....

Post by Rumor's Mill » Thu Jun 06, 2019 1:06 am

"That's what I heard! I swear to you."

"Oh, please, the people at Lyceum don't turn you into mushrooms."

"Well, the pretty one might not, but I don't know about that horn headed one.....what's her name? Molly, Malaria---Mall---something."

"I think it's Mallory."

"Whatever. If you pop into a 'shroom tonight, I'm saying I told you so."


"Worry ye not. Worry ye not, no one has to know---"


"T'will be alright. We shall hide ye in Little Elfhame. 'Tis no longer the slum it once was, thanks be to its Lady Mayor, and she careth not for Court allegiance."

"I can't---I can't stay there, can I? I can't stay anywhere."

"Let us get ye there, first, and we shall see. Let us also get some of this blood off ye too, or all shall be lost before it is found."

((OOC: The Rumor's Mill is meant to be the collective result of 100% player contribution. Rumor's Mill will collect and pass on only what it is fed, thereby eliminating the opportunity for mistakes, guaranteeing the integrity of characters and storylines. That being said, feel free to pass on false information---there are no good rumors without it! ))
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