Snowpocalypse: Sleepover Edition!

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Snowpocalypse: Sleepover Edition!

Post by DUEL Candle » Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:49 pm

Ladies and Gentlemen! (And Penny and Kalamere!)
The plunging temperatures following in the wake of such an awful snowstorm have driven most people indoors. But what about those of you who have no place to go? What of those of you who fear boredom or stir craziness?

Don’t be lonely!

Don’t freeze!

Come to the Arena and Annex!

From Wednesday night (1/30) thru Thursday night (1/31) both venues will be housing the largest blanket fort encampment and sleepover Rhy’din has ever experienced! There will be a temporary shelter for everyone who comes, blanket forts of every shape, size, and color! Want to fort up with yours friends? Do it! Want to be a hermit of blanketed solitude? You can do that too! The fireplaces will be roaring and filling our hallowed halls with all the heat needed for staying toasty. Bring your favorite pajamas! Don't have any? There will be plenty on hand! Additional staff have been brought in to keep food available around the clock (with special help and contributions provided by the Baroness of Dockside, Claire Gallows), and various staff members and titleholders will be hosting mini-events like:

Storytime (with tales both silly and spooky from Baroness of Battlefield Park, Mallory Maeda)
S’mores by the fireplaces (with S’moremaster General and Baroness of Seaside, Vaeluthil Whitevale)
Nerf Gun Wars (with Duel of Swords Coodinator, Na-Rae Takamine squaring off against the forces of Baroness of Old Market, Myria Graziano)
Board games (as overseen by the Baroness of Old Temple, Rachael Blackthorne)
Swing Dancing For Beginners (featuring Nat Candle and Baroness of New Haven, Jin Chae)
Arts and Crafts (with Baroness of Dragon’s Gate, Eden Parker)
Mani-Pedi Spa Treatments (with Standings Keeper, Lisa Takamine)

All are welcome! Come for the fun, stay because you don’t want to freeze your keisters off!

(OOC: This is mostly a board only event taking place IC tonight and tomorrow, though there is no pressure or rush to add contributive posts to it, and with the potential for people to let it flow into live play Thursday night in the Arena during dueling hours if they so choose! RP and outfits can be posted HERE. Please look forward to this! :) )
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