Yuletide Grand Opening at the Unifier Brewing Company

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Yuletide Grand Opening at the Unifier Brewing Company

Post by Nicklaus Burison » Tue Dec 04, 2018 11:38 pm

To celebrate their Grand Opening to the public, the newly established Unifier Brewing Company in Seaside is hosting a party at the Winter Solstice, on Saturday, December 22nd, kicking off the Yuletide season with free drinks, snacks, a tour of operations, and music. Stop in, enjoy the atmosphere, sample the wares, and take home a bottle or place an order for delivery!

((Come join us for the party in #city-square on Discord on Saturday, December 22nd at 8pm EST))
((More about the event can be found on the forums, here))

Unifier Brewing Company, or the UBC, was founded earlier this year on a million dollarydoo lottery prize and the chance meeting of owner Juniper Fae and brewer Nicklaus Burison, both newcomers to RhyDin. The former industrial site in Seaside has been fully converted to a working small-scale craft brewery and distillery. Their first products are now available for sale.

((More on the location can be found here))
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