500th Birthday Celebration Weekend

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500th Birthday Celebration Weekend

Post by Rhiannon Brock » Thu Nov 08, 2018 2:56 pm

Come one, come all! Friday, 9 Nov, about 9pm by the Eastern clock, one of the city's oldest broads, Colleen MacLeod-Fenner, will be taking up a spot behind the bar at the Red Dragon Inn. She'll be celebrating her 500th birthday by taking a walk down memory lane as she slings drinks and serves up some culinary concoctions and delectable desserts. Desserts include Death by Chocolate ala Colleen and several flavors of her cheesecake. Music to provided by the in-house jukebox and the musically inclined who wish to perform.

On the following day, a gathering for family and friends will be held at MacLeod House.

Sunday night, the family will be catering for the Fall Talon of Redwin Tournament.

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