Dream a Little Dream

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Dream a Little Dream

Post by JewellRavenlock » Tue Jun 05, 2018 2:49 pm

It’s been ten years...

When his master was gone for the weekend, off to visit an old friend of his, Tabaris took his fate into his own hands.

“Just need to add the last ingredient and it should be done." He dropped something that looked very much like an eyeball into his cauldron and stepped back as smoke started to pour out of it. Now all he had to do was raise his wand, say the initiation word, and the portal should open.


BAM! The commencing explosion rocked the entire city block.

but I still remember those days like they were a distant dream.

Elsewhere, there was a sudden ripple in the air for anyone that was looking closing. To those with senses beyond the mortal five, who knew what to look for, it almost looked like a hairline rent in the very fabric of the realm had opened. From that tiny fracture, a crack formed. And from that crack, a group of Koopa Troopas poured forth onto the streets of RhyDin with a Lakitu Koopa in tow, throwing spiny eggs down at unsuspecting victims wherever he went.

A bad dream.

Dreams and Nightmares have completely invaded the city as word is passed around and people seem to clue in on what is going on. Some try to help protect fellow citizens from the more dangerous dreams and nightmares while others have been taking advantage of the ensuing chaos and created their own brand of trouble.

Regardless how people are reacting, the word is certainly spreading as to what has happened: somehow dreams and nightmares have infiltrated the city of RhyDin.

And it’s happening again.

[]Perchance to Dream Again coming with the Summer Solstice[]
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