Children's Day Events: 14 April!

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Children's Day Events: 14 April!

Post by Mairead Harker » Fri Apr 13, 2018 6:04 pm

Beginning at noon on Saturday, the festival for Children's Day 2018 will begin! Bring the whole family out for food, games, and fun. This year, we not only celebrate the children of Rhydin, but the life of Lirssa Sarengrave al-amat, who helped many of Rhydin's children and youth on their way to having better lives.

Scheduled to perform at the staging area are:
Gaelic Fire
RCAA Youth Circus

There will be booths of all kinds. The desserts available will include Death by Chocolate ala Colleen from Nicole's Bistro, Katt Batton's Beignets, Cinnamon buns from Divine Delights Bakery, and the (in)famous brownies of Colleen MacLeod-Fenner.

Courtesy of Claire Gallows and Andu Kirost, a gateway portal between Market Square and Wonderplex/Typhoon Bay will be open beginning at noon on Saturday and closing at 2 am on Sunday.

Dueling, officiated by Eden Parker, will begin about 9 PM by the eastern clock. Details to follow soon. Betting on the duels will be handled by The Line's representative, Tahlia Faras. Part of proceeds to benefit High Spires House and the Kids of Summer Foundation. This is a twin win event.

((The festival begins at noon on Saturday. Board events are on going through the day. The live portion of the event will be in the Marketplace Chat room at 9PM ET.
Concert and performance thread:
Booths and Activities Thread:
Dueling Information Thread: ... 592#240592
Please add your info as you like! Have fun!
Maggie will be running a Sports Memorabilia booth, if anyone with a duelist character wants to have their own or have their character stop by hers for photo ops and autograph signing, go to it. :) ))
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