Press Release: Sarengrave House and Youth Assistance Plans

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Press Release: Sarengrave House and Youth Assistance Plans

Post by PrlUnicorn » Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:25 am

Placed on the public notice board in the City Hall, newspapers, and other media was the following press release:


As discussed at the Town Meeting with the Governor, last month, a project is in development to provide a home, educational and job resources for the displaced youth of Rhydin, between the ages of 14-21 years. The structure, hereafter known as Sarengrave House, is located in Battlefield Park. The exterior of the building is completed and work on the apartments is in progress.

Sub-basement level has apartments for that are light sensitive as well as several reinforced containment areas for those learning to cope with their were abilities. Basement level houses a pool as well as exercise and game rooms. Maximum capacity is eight apartments per above ground level. The ground floor is reserved for four shops to help provide work experience for the residents.

Sarengrave House has been named in memory of Lirssa Redbane Sarengrave al-Amat, who passed away earlier this year. Through High Spires House and the Kids of Summer Foundation, Lirssa dedicated a great deal of her time and energy to aid the young people of Rhydin.

Any citizens willing to help with the job training aspect of this project is asked to contact Governor MacLeod-Fenner at her office. More details are to be released in the future. Sarengrave House is expected to open in June of this year.

((If interested, please post your character's letter or visit in this thread or begin a new thread in the Governor's Office. Thanks!))
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