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Isuelt was late, mostly because she had missed out on the group text. She had never gotten the hang of technology and that was just fine with her. However, upon getting the note that Jewell needed help, Isuelt set out immediately. Once at the Rhydin Grind, she spotted the group in the corner between the front door and the kitchen. From her frenzied pace, she came to a standstill behind one of the couches and nodded deeply to Jewell in apology before she took a quick glance around at the mostly familiar faces.

While Jewell seemed genuinely pleased to see Issy, going so far as to actually smile despite her misgivings about how the conversation had gone, Mallory took the old grimoire -- currently open to facing pages depicting magic circles and dissected bodies -- and flipped it shut as soon as she saw the Scathachian, heaving it into the lead-lined box in her lap with effort. If the vigilante had not been there to hear anything about the ritual they planned to perform, she saw no need to enlighten her now.

The only thing that Isuelt had a more difficult time trusting than technology was magic. And to her, what was important was how her weapons might be used, how Jewell needed her to help. The actions that had occurred nearly a year ago, which started this unraveling of the Empress, bothered her only slightly. And most of her regret had come in not to undermine the witch or the others that helped that night, but that Isuelt herself had not been able to act more quickly to prevent what Kal had done. Mallory had little to fear from this warrior; her blade was sworn to Jewell and to all who would defend her. She was already privy to some of the information that Jewell had shared with her. Isuelt was simply awaiting her orders.

“Remember when I said we were going to steal something, Is?” the faerie asked her friend. This at least was familiar: planning trouble with Issy.

The witch followed Issy’s gaze to Jewell, trying to transmit a silent question to the faerie with that look, at which Jewell looked to Mallory and the others. “Someone else catch her up,” a regal command from the Empress coupled with a boneless sink into the chair. She was already at her limit for the day it seemed.

“Tch.” That little sound was as openly annoyed as Mallory was willing to be with Jewell, at the moment. She looked down at the lead box in her lap, locks still unclasped, and back up at Isuelt. “What do you know about Belladonna?”

Isuelt blinked to Mallory. She knew that the witch couldn’t be talking about the herb. Isuelt swallowed and floated her gaze quickly over the faces gathered before it rested back on Mallory and shook her head, but softly.

“It’s the name adopted by the evil version of Jewell, from another version of RhyDin, who’s set herself up as the Faerie Queen of Little Elfhame. It’s her heart we’re planning to steal — to rid our Jewell’s of its iron.” The witch leaned forward, steepling her fingers beneath her chin, waiting for dispute or question from Jewell or Isuelt before continuing. The Empress smiled at that but let Mallory tell her tale.

Soberly, Isuelt nodded. “Along with the knight’s relic…” Her voice barely impacted the air around her. Jewell had already told her some of the ideas a short while back. But she was still unclear as to the particulars, which frankly could be none of her business. She chanced a glance to Jewell as she wondered if Ishmerai was back yet.

That perked Jewell up, but only a little. “Which he hasn’t produced yet.” Her tone implied that she did not believe he would anytime soon and that this was all a big waste of time. She had apparently dropped the pretense of hope and faith she had affected at the start of this little pow-wow.

Isuelt chewed that over for a moment before she spoke again, “He’ll do his part. We will do ours.” She was looking directly at Jewell, and held her gaze for a long moment before she nodded once and returned her attention to the witch. Somewhat ashamed, Jewell went back to studying her shoes.

Mallory’s own expression seemed troubled over the subject of the knight’s absence, but when Isuelt’s attention shifted back to her, she composed herself quickly. “Right now, the plan is that Salvador kills Belladonna -- the sooner, the better -- and brings us her still-beating heart. Then I just wait until Ishmerai returns with the relic, and…” She hesitated for a moment. “…use it to ritually switch the heart with Jewell’s. Everyone’s big worry right now is about the aftermath of killing Belladonna. I don’t know what her followers might do, and there’s a vampire court involved in this mess, too. They’ve aligned themselves with her, so I don’t know what they’ll do when she’s gone… but they might try to kill everyone involved, like Belladonna’s own goons have been trying lately,” she added with a growl.

There may have been a tremor of her expression when Mallory reported on killing Belladonna; however, it could also be said that Isuelt’s eyes narrowing slightly may have been more of an eagerness rather than an objection. However, the talk of vampires did give the warrior cause to sigh. “Well,” she began, “It seems to me that we will have our work cut out for us.” She locked eyes with Mallory. “I will be ready.” While Mallory may not have trusted Isuelt, Isuelt did at least give the witch the courtesy of hearing her out. Jewell trusted her, which meant quite a lot as it turned out. So the least Isuelt could do was back her. For now. After all, she backed Kalamere once upon a time, too.

And they all knew how that ended.

((The February 6, 2018 events co-written with the lovely Team Awesome gang <3))
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