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Post by Intern Kenzi » Sun Sep 11, 2016 11:32 am

I have a long list of things that I missed about RhyDin while I was away.

Such a long list.

So long a list that I don’t know where to start. Okay, that isn’t precisely true.

I’ll start with… the Annex firepole. They sure as hell do not have firepoles where I spent the majority of the past year. Sliding down a palm tree is simply not the same experience. Not at all. I won’t bore you with the unpleasantness of that story, though.

I missed the chaos of our city with its maze of mismatched roads and buildings, some from a point in history so far back no one remembers and some from the future. Only RhyDin could pull that off. I’m sure of it.

I missed the drinks. Ohmygods the alcohol. It has been one constant party since I returned and I honestly cannot tell you what day it is. Sure, my head feels like it could explode from this category 5 hangover I have but getting this hangover? So. Worth. It.

I missed the people. And the not-people. The mish-mash of species, cultures, languages, and ideals that make this place both the most dangerous city and the most fascinating. I have met some really wonderful people in the short time since my return and have reconnected with old friends. I got my job back (obviously, or you wouldn’t be reading this). They made me sign a waiver not to sue the station in the event that I get drunk and fall off of another yacht and spend another ten months washed up and presumed dead. Considering that I don't even know anyone else with a yacht, that wasn't a problem.

The real problem here: I didn’t get my office back. I’m totally writing this from the restroom.

Not because I am actually taking a pee, you weirdos! But there is literally NO PLACE else to get some privacy to collect my thoughts. This station hasn’t really changed all that much. Still loud as hell even if Harris and Seirichi aren’t here. I almost kinda miss them too.

I’m sure it will pass.

I will be out and about, soaking up the culture and emotional climate of this chaotic city. I invite you, all of you, to come out and have a drink and celebrate being alive. Life is too short and uncertain not to celebrate it.

Toodles, babes!~

--One more thing. The next person that shoots at me...I'm gonna **** your world UP.


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