Duel of Swords: Sky Boxes (Description Thread)

Notices and stories concerning events in the legendary basement of the Duel of Swords.

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Duel of Swords: Sky Boxes (Description Thread)

Post by Apple » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:15 am

(( Is your character in a Team? Are they a big time title holder? Or do they just have the money to throw down? Sky boxes have been reintroduced for usage in the Duel of Swords Arena! No longer cobweb filled and dusty! With the remodel, everything is clean and good to go for your characters dueling viewing pleasure.

A sky box is available for each Current Baron and Overlord, they are welcome to decorate it or not as they wish.

If you'd like to participate and give detail to your Team / Personal Sky box. Post here!

This is a Description Thread so I ask that no comments beside sky box descriptions be made. Thank you :)! ))
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Team Beat Down

Post by Apple » Thu Mar 14, 2013 7:51 am



The Banner of Team Beat Down that hangs from their Sky Box.


The RhyDin Shield Association Banner hangs to the right of the Team Beat Down Banner

Sky Box Includes

Nice view of the Arena below

Photos of Team Beat Down accomplishments
A list of some, but not all photos
Photos taken during the Overlord Challenge between Candy Hart and Chris Graiano of the Wrecking Crew.
These include shots of Terry King pledging Old Markets loyalty to newly crowd Overlord, Candy Hart.
Candy Hart's many defenses of the FireStar Opal.
The Seventy-Second Diamond Quest where Andrea Anderson joined the exclusive rank of "Diamond".
As well as with photos from her 22 round Seaside Barony Challenge against Wrecking Crews Ticallion Carter.
Jake Thrash's defense of PathFinder against Harris D'Artainian, along with images of his Slugfest victory of ShadoWeaver.
Enchanted moving photos depicting Mur Ollavan's two defenses of the Tower of Water during the Hydra tournament against Krusolis and Forces of Natures Team Captain, Jacen Balthazar.
Shots from the Summer Cycle Panther's Claw Tournament where Terry King remained undefeated and took the Claw for Team Beat Down during Hydra.
A single photo from the Beat Down ShadoWeaver Challenge between Jake and Seirichi. Both performing an uppercut on one another at the same time.
Pictures of Candy Hart's Hydra MVP Trophy.


Plaque with one of the blades Terry King used during her New Haven Barony challenge against Kheldar. Autographed.

Photos from the challenge surround the plaque.

Individual Banners of Team Members
Lining the walls of the sky box.
Andrea Anderson's Personal Banner
Along with the personal Colors / Banners of all other Team Mates.
Gray / Green banner for Mur Ollavan.

Title Tracker
Listing the many Team Beat Down accomplishments in all three of the sports. Starting from their founding during the 2012 Hydra Tournament and beyond.

Cooler full of Refreshing Beverages, Dining & Entertainment
Both alcoholic and non from the Red Orc Brewery. Kept stocked by Arena workers.
Depending on the event taking place: Catered dining from different RhyDin establishments.
Flat Screen Television, including a live feed to The Outback
Fold up futon couch that's strong enough to hold a sleeping Mur and Jake, located in the back-most area of the sky box.
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Post by G » Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:09 pm

HDT Enterprises


The Banner of HDT Enterprises that hangs from their Sky Box.

Sky Box Includes

Spectacular panoramic view of the Arena below

Photos of HDT and CDR accomplishments.
A list of some, but not all photos
Photos taken during the Challenges between G'nort and his many opponents over the years.
These include shots of G shaking hands with Dalarmar au'Darmon, Tareth Thorn, Bishop, Xenograg, Jeff Oakenshield, Daegarth, Matt Simon, Neo among others.
Tareth Thorn's Opal victories and becoming the first to hold all five Opals.
Tareth Thorn becoming the 66th Overlord, and Baron of the 1st Ring.
Tareth Thorn winning Diamond Quest XXXV and XLI
Caedia Thorn winning the Dockside Barony.
The puzzled look on G's face when he is announced as an Emerald.
As well as with photos from G's 25 round TDL match against Atrebla's Topaz.
Plaque depicting G as the first TDL duelist to reach 100 career wins.
Plaque depicting G achieving 100 Wins over Losses
Plaque depicting G achieving 200 Wins over Losses
The Company of the Dragon holding up the MacKenzie Cup for their 519 TDL championship season.
The pennants depicting the numerous Silver Division championships and Metal Conference championships.

Likely there are more, but let's face it, HDT and CDR have been around a Long, Long time, longer and more active than any other group, so has to leave out some of the accomplishments.

Title Tracker
Listing the many HDT/CDR accomplishments in all three of the sports. Starting from their founding during the golden age of Dueling, through TDL and IFL and beyond. Though there's probably none in Magic.

Bar and refridgerator full of Refreshing Beverages & Dining
Both alcoholic and non from numerous sources. Kept stocked by Arena workers.
Depending on the event taking place: Catered dining from different RhyDin establishments.
Format used with Apple's Permission. :) More editing to be done.
G'nort Dragoon-Talanador
Duel of Swords Legend. Best In The World™.
First All Time DoS Title Holder.
Listed as "Daddy" in your daughters contacts list.
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Post by PrlUnicorn » Mon Mar 18, 2013 10:25 am

MacLeod Foundation

The Banner of the Duchy of Navarra that hangs from the Sky Box.

--- same design as the shield but on a rectangular green flag --

Sky Box Includes

Full view of the Arena below

Photos of the activities and accomplishments of family members

A list of some, but not all photos displayed in digital frames on a rotating cycle

Team Dueling League

Colleen MacLeod during TDL seasons 515, 516, and 520 as part of Dracoern Highlands, Jade Gryphons, and Warders of Chaos.
Rhiannon Brock, youngest TDL participant, in seasons 515, 516, and 517 as part of Short Swords, Dracoern Highlands, and Rising Stars.
Rhiannon Harker in TDL season 524 as part the Shinju Dragons.

Talon of Redwin

Rhiannon Harker celebrating with her family after her Talon Tournament win on 18 June 2006. Pictured with her are her husband, Dennis, and their three month old daughter, Mairead.
Rhiannon Brock after a second place finish in the twenty-fourth (9 Jan 2011) and winning the twenty-sixth ( 1 Sept 2011) and (29 Dec 2012) thirtieth Talon of Redwin Tournaments.
Mairead Harker, second place finish and youngest participant in the twenty-eighth Talon of Redwin Tournament.
Nicole Brock, second place finish in the 31st Talon of Redwin Tournament.
Mairead Harker, winner of the Summer 2015 Talon of Redwin Tournament.

Baronies and Squireships

Rhiannon Harker - Baroness of Old Temple 01/16/2011 - 11/13/2011
Rhiannon Harker - Baroness of Old Market 07/23/2014 - 11/16/2014

Rhiannon Brock - Squire of Old Temple
Squire of Battlefield Park
Baroness of Battlefield Park

Mairead Harker - Squire of Seaside
Baroness of Old Market

Nicole Brock - Squire of Seaside

DoS Madness

Rhiannon Harker - 2011
Rhiannon Brock - Sweet Sixteen - 2012
Rhiannon Brock - Elite Eight - 2013
Mairead Harker - youngest participant in the 2012 DoS Madness.
Nicole Brock - 2013
Pearl Fand - 2014

Team Tournaments

Team photo of Pulling Rank

The Forces of Nature Hydra Cup Team - 2012

-------------------------------------------------- ------------
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Post by Myria Graziano » Tue Mar 19, 2013 4:06 pm



Perhaps surprisingly, Wrecking Crew’s skybox isn’t filled with trophies, ribbons or lengthy lists of individual or team titles won. In contrast to the usual in-your-face WRC style, the low-key nature of the skybox was intentional and designed for one thing: to celebrate family and friends. The carpeted skybox had more of a homey feel than a luxurious one. Though the furnishings were top-quality, the skybox was meant to be welcoming, as if occupants were spending time in a family den or living room.

On the eastern wall, the one shared with Team Beat Down’s skybox, a large bank of television screens are imbedded into the wall – the kind that can be tied together to make one giant image or segmented to display multiple feeds/sources. To the left of these screens, closer to the north wall, stands a bookshelf stocked with a variety of hardcovers on sports history (especially baseball), dueling history and biographies of famous sports figures. The refrigerator next to the bookshelf is stocked with Silver Mark: Blue, various Silver Mark brews for adults, natural juices for kids, an entire shelf of water and a variety of sandwiches and snack-sized vegetables.

The southern end of the skybox allows a view of the Arena and the rings. Two large couches, flanked by several reclining loveseats and end-tables, are available for those who prefer to sit and observe the duels. When children are present, a railing tall enough to prevent them from leaning too far over the box’s edge and perhaps falling can be raised into place.

As Team Beat Down’s skybox is right next door, the two share the Rhydin Shield Association banner.


Next to that banner hung a special Wrecking Crew banner created specifically for the Arena skybox (pictured above):

The rest of the skybox, beginning with the western wall, is filled with pictures of both Graziano and Wrecking Crew history. Starting at the southern end of the western wall:

•Western Wall•

The original Wrecking Crew logo.


Black and white aerial photograph of New York City, circa 1967.

Aerial photograph of Rhydin, circa 2007.

The Grand Opening of Tony’s restaurant, a black and white photograph of the entire Graziano family in front of Pizza And Beer.

Beverly Kessler settling in to face Nova Grey Shadow (TDL Season 522, Week 7).

Mama Graziano with famed wooden ladle in-hand, in the kitchen with Maria and Myria preparing what looks to be some sort of holiday feast. Right next to that, in the same split-frame, a picture taken moments after the first of Tony, Chris and a young TJ on the couch watching television with the girls cooking in the background.

Aerial photograph of Kitsune Stadium, mid-game, with a capacity crowd in the stands.

Bode Bojangles and Naiya Lenai, with Bode pointing toward a ring and Naiya listening intently, discussing strategy during the Wrecking Crew vs. Power Word Funk match (TDL Season 525, Week 9).

Black and white photograph of Kheldar and Caedia with their kids in what looks to be the Marketplace, browsing through a stall of vegetables.

Maria Graziano and Bode Bojangles celebrating with Homewrecker and jockey Antonio Garcia after a race win at Trinity Downs.

Mid-duel shot of a wide-grinning Kaja Adair wagging her finger at Anubis Karos, who she’d just swept to the mat during the Finals of DQ XXXIX.

The entire current Wrecking Crew squad wearing their dueling gear & home jerseys, in a traditional team photo. Left to Right (Top): Chris Graziano, Maria Graziano, Tony Graziano, Alexandria Graziano and Kheldar Drasinia. Left to Right (Bottom): Ticallion Carter, Myria Graziano, Jay Capistrano and Fiona Helston al-Amat.

A picture taken at a Battlefield Park playground with Adie Graziano in a swing, Alicia Graziano mid-slide and TJ Graziano hanging upside-down from monkey-bars.

An intently focused Maria Graziano receiving last minute captains’ instructions along with Indigo Trusst before the IFL Season 1 Finals.

•Northern Wall•

Chris playing catch with a 3-year old TJ as Ria looks on. Next to that, a very similar shot with Chris throwing a ball to Alicia with TJ and Ria sitting on a small hill in the background, watching.

Jay Capistrano with beer in hand, leaning up against the Arena’s bar before the renovation, laughing.

Myria and the entire #22 Pit Crew beaming wide, raising the Braxat Cup trophy in Victory Lane.

Above the skybox entrance on the northern wall, an authentic duel-scuffed Maria Graziano bat crossed in an “X” with one of Chris’, affixed to a baseball diamond shaped wooden mount.

Next to that, a framed and encased jersey honoring Teresa “Mama” Graziano, a murder victim in November, 2011.


On the other side of the entrance, a black and white picture of Fionna Helston al-Amat looking contemplative as she discusses an upcoming shot with the director of Silver Mark: Blue’s second commercial.

Bode and Maria cheering as a four-year old Adie runs to first base during a T-Ball game.

Ticallion Carter, the 84th Overlord, enjoying time outside the rings with Maria and Adie.

Black and white photograph of Maria, Chris, Tony and Myria sharing an extra-large pizza at Pizza and Beer (with Chris trying to hoard the pizza and the others attempting to pull slices away from him).

A collage of color & black-and-white pictures with past and present WRC members participating in Team Dueling League, Iron Fists League and Hydra Cup matches.

A picture of an empty couch. The left-most cushion has the notable imprint of Chris Graziano’s rear end.

An original Wrecking Crew jersey, signed by everyone who’s ever been an official member of the Wrecking Crew dueling team.

The entire Wrecking Crew family (all 2012-2013 team members with their kids and spouses/significant others) in the bleachers of Kitsune Stadium, enjoying themselves (and a whole bunch of food) during a game.

The new Wrecking Crew logo.

((Special thanks to Apple's player for hosting all of the above images and creating the WRC banner!))
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Post by Rakeesh » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:47 pm

((A special thanks goes to Apple for the new banner and format, as well as everyone else who has posted and contributed to my being stumped on ideas for this thing!))



The Champions of Mythos skybox, located across the Arena from the Wrecking Crew's own skybox, is designed much like an indoor garden, though with some of the bells and whistles of the other major team skyboxes. The new, official banner of the team hangs upon the back (southern) wall, with two ornate sky blue and white banners hanging on either side of it to represent the team colors. In the center of the skybox is a large tree, taken from the seeds of the tree that Aenlyn Hollow planted in the old Adventurers' Guildhall and cared for by the white magic that lingers in the place.


A white, glowing orb floats before the great tree, mystically projecting a good view outward of whichever ring it is commanded to.

Below the tree, grass and blue flowers live, free from wilting or dehydration. Nearby, picnic tables have been placed to view the rings below and to the north, or simply to enjoy the serenity of the place. There is an air of calm here, typical of places that have an abundance of soothing and protective magics.

Vines and greenery overrun the eastern wall, making the construction behind barely visible. It is not uncommon to find a wayward bird nesting there.

Along the southern and eastern walls, along with the team's banner, are over-sized photos and posters, celebrating some of the team's finer moments throughout the years.

The Western Wall


The original Champions of Mythos banner.

A colorful photo of the original members of the team: Rakeesh Sah Tarna, Aenlyn Hollow, Deluthan, Firynth Jessail, Hylaenus Salidicus, Colm O'Hooligan and Rhaine Rustovich. They are all standing, shoulder to shoulder, before the old Adventurers' Guildhall, a long cabin-like building that served as the team's original home.

A black and white photo of Rakeesh, Aenlyn and Colm standing side-by-side near ringside, swords in hand, during their first ever All-Star game in their rookie season (TDL Season 522).

A slightly blurry photo of the satyr, Hylaenus, plowing the much larger ogre, Goon, over in his 22 marathon over-time victory (TDL Season 522).

A black and white still shot of veteran Deluthan standing victorious over Team Twilight and Team Phoenix dueling legend, Melgarth Methmellon (TDL Season 523).

A color photo depicting Rakeesh, rearing back onto his hind legs, and bringing his greatsword down overhead against an unprepared G'nort Dragoon-Talanadar during a six-round shutout (TDL Season 523).

Two posters, side-by-side that show Aenlyn defeating both Klinton Caer and Kyra Jessup in shutouts (TDL Season 524).

A long poster depicting Joku Shoyia raising his arms in victory, just after defeating Maria Graziano (TDL Season 524).

A smaller, framed 3D holographic picture of Napoleon Bonarat climbing all over a squirming Cassius Gaius Maximus during his win (TDL Season 524).

A less professional, more family-oriented photo hangs in a wooden frame. It shows Rakeesh, Aenlyn, Firynth, Napoleon, Joku, Rhaine and several others sitting around a fiery hearth, drinking nearby a large tree surrounded by wrapped presents. They look happy, and are celebrating Christmas together at the Adventurers' Guildhall.

A shot of Sabastian Goldraven, in locust-swarm form from the waist down, overwhelming veteran Face Loran en-route to victory (TDL Season 524).

A long action poster of Rakeesh catching dueling legend, Cletus Ganderfald, in a riposte-and-counter during a decisive victory (TDL Season 524).

A wide, ornate poster with the Champions of Mythos TDL Season 524 team celebrating winning the Metal Conference Championship with a few mugs of Badsider Ale outside of the Adventurers' Guildhall. Joku holds up the trophy, while the others are caught mid-cheer, except for Rakeesh who looks particularly inebriated and a little sick.

A large, black and white photo of original teammate, Firynth Jessail, caught in an impressive action-shot overcoming Liena Hope in a six round shutout victory with shield and sword (TDL Season 525).

A wide banner showing the upper torsos of Rakeesh and Joku, standing shoulder to shoulder above the quote, "The Best One-Two Punch in the League" (TDL Season 525).

A long, black and white poster of veteren Devyn Blackvale besting Company of Dragons duelist Utena Tenjou during another shut-out (TDL Season 525).

A framed color photo of the dryad, Aenlyn Hollow, putting Matthew Simon to the sword, with teammates Napoleon Bonarat and Firynth Jessail cheering her on in the background (TDL Season 525).

Three side-by-side black and white photos showing Rakeesh raising his greatsword victoriously after a shut-out victory over Jack Riverside, and decisive victories over Season 524 MVP Riddick Diesel - and Season 525 MVP Maria Graziano (Season 525).

The Southern Wall

A wide banner with a slash splitting bright-hued backgrounds of blue and white, sporting teammates Yaegor Dalek and Kelten Tarkenstone, raising up their fists in obvious poses. At the bottom of the banner is the quote, "IFL Kiowa Belt Winner I & IFL Kiowa Belt Winner II" (IFL 2006, IFL 2007).

Another very colorful photo of Aenlyn Hollow, looking exhausted, overcoming Jake Thrash in a nail-biting victory to bring home the clutch team win against the Badside Brawlers (IFL 2006).

Another photo, this one black and one, with splotches of red painted over a pool of blood, shows Kelten Tarkenstone catching G'nort with a brutal spinkick during a dominating victory (IFL 2007).

Above that photo is a wide banner, split by two poster photos, both showing Kelten Tarkenstone standing victoriously over veteran Darik Warchild and Koyliak VanDuran-Simon. Beneath that is written the phrase, "Two perfect shut-outs in consecutive bouts!" (IFL 2007).

Another photo shows Rakeesh looking dominating against "Old Man" Matt Simon on the other side of the ring (IFL 2007 Semi-Finals).

A square banner hangs with four split paintings of just the faces of Kelten, Rakeesh, Aenlyn and Jason Stewart. Beneath it reads the phrase, "Unprecedented Four Match Sweeps in One Season!" (IFL 2007).

And one last photo hangs on this wall, showing the 2007 IFL Team celebrating once again outside the Adventurers' Guildhall after their playoff sweep of Team Fist to reach the Iron Fist League 2007 Finals. Yet again, Rakeesh looks drunker than his other teammates, though not as drunk as their friend Cory Havoick, who subbed in to fight beside them throughout the season.

A photo of the famed warrior, Dalamar Ar'Daumon overcoming TDL Legend Querylon to win the Overlord Grant Tournament sponsored by Rakeesh and the Champions of Mythos during his first Overlord reign (2008).

A more recent photo depicts Rakeesh overcoming Candy Hart to gain his second Overlord Belt. The picture is fuzzy, as though it were taken in a hot, arid desert and not in the Arena (2013).

The last photo on the wall shows Kyra Jessup besting Aenlyn Hollow in the new Champions' Arena (which looks like an old cargo bay, revamped). Beneath the photo are the words, "Kyra Jessup - First Champions' Invitational Tournament Winner" (2013).

A big sign that looks like an advertisement more than a team poster shows a red-bearded northman drinking down a mug of frosty stout. Beneath it reads, "Hyrthan Chocolate Stout: Bring Out Your Inner Warrior".

A wide poster reads, "The New Champions of Mythos". It sports action poses from various past duels of the current team, including team veterans Rakeesh, Joku, Aenlyn and Napoleon Bonarat - as well as new members, the samurai Sungkut Lanka, the fairy-ish creature Rubi Rose, the hulking minotaur Tallstaugh and the swordswoman Kyra Jessup (2013).

Below the previous poster is another wide banner that reads, "Champions of Mythos: Hydra Season Two". It sports action poses from the Hydra team, including Rakeesh, Aenlyn, Joku, Napoleon Bonarat, Shadow, Rand Al'Tan, Tallstaugh and Elaine Aqua. To the right of the duelists is a silver cup with the words, "Runners-Up" below it (Hydra II, 2013).

Nearby the banners is a long poster split by a lightning bolt half-way down its length. The upper half of the poster portrays an action shot of Shadow pressing the Overlady Teagan with a nimble cut during a Test of Worthiness, while the lower half of the poster offers the still frame of the elf knocking away an incoming blow from Mur Ollovan during their Baronial Challenge. Along the lightning bolt that splits the two pictures are the words, "Shadow - The Fifteenth Baron of Dragon's Gate" (Hydra II, 2013).

Set upon a mostly empty section of the wall is a large, framed black and white photograph. It portrays an exhausted looking Rakeesh, his torso and legs covered in bindings and wraps, leaning his head wastedly upon Aenlyn's shoulder in the middle of a large dueling ring. The Dryad supports the liontaur's weight with a kind embrace, her arms wrapped around his broad shoulders. Below the still photograph are the words, "Come, Rakeesh. Let's go home." Beneath the quote are two small metal tags, reading, "Aenlyn Hollow: Hydra Season Two Invitational Tournament - Champion" and "Rakeesh Sah Tarna: Hydra Season Two Invitational Tournament - Second Place" (Hydra II, 2013).

Though there are many photos and pictures of some of the team's best moments, neither wall outright lists the team's sum accomplishments. There is yet room for more photos and banners, despite how crowded the south and west walls are.
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Post by Edward Batten » Sat Oct 19, 2013 2:28 pm



The banner bearing the Batten Industries logo which hangs from the skybox owned by Edward Batten and Batten Industries - also displayed on the back wall

Sky Box Includes

Panoramic view of the Arena

Various photos and displays relating to Batten Industries
A list of some, but not all photos and displays

The original Batten Industries industrial complex, before Batten Tower was built
Several photos in digital frames on a rotating cycle depicting Batten Tower at various stages of construction, along with numerous angles of the completed Tower
A 'buddy shot' of Batten Industries CEO Edward Batten and COO Kyle Pontius
Photos in digital frames on a rotating cycle with varying shots of Batten Industries employees designing, testing, and assembling products
Pictures of the Batten Industries Security team defending the Riverview Clinic during the Rhy'din Bengu Fever crisis
A picture of Edward Batten in his only dueling match of Fists against Rachael Douglas
Various pictures in digital frames on a rotating cycle of Batten Industries taking part in community and charity events
Pictures of the Gator's Tail Bar & Grille in the Rhy'din Marketplace
Various products made by Batten Industries in sealed display cases

A display table featuring a picture of Leo Heracleides, a corporate ID card, and an IMI Desert Eagle Mk. XIX .357 caliber pistol, with a plaque that reads as follows:
Leonidas 'Leo' Heracleides
Missing in Action
February, 2012
In Memoriam
"There is no victory without sacrifice"

Beverages, Dining & Entertainment
A fully-stocked bar offering both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from the various sources and suppliers. Kept stocked by Batten Industries and the Gator's Tail Bar & Grill.
Depending on the event taking place: Catered dining from the Gator's Tail Bar and Grille.
Numerous flat-screen LCD television displays, including a live feed to The Outback and Twilight Island
A large, open-pit style fireplace in the middle of the skybox
Lots of tables, comfortable chairs, couches, and even a few fold-out futons for those that come to have a good time and need to sleep it off
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Post by Harris » Mon Nov 09, 2015 1:58 pm

The banner representing The Supreme Duelist of the Arena, unfurled in a premium sky box renovated by the 105th Overlord, Harris D'Artainian

Sky Box Includes
Full panoramic view of the entire Arena behind sliding glass panels
A photograph, painting, or bust of every individual man or woman to hold the title of Overlord
A list of some but not all photos/paintings/busts
A prominently displayed, oversized oil painting of Dalamar Ar’Daumon, two-time Overlord and record holder for most defenses
A photograph capturing Teagan Rielea & Kalamere Ar’Din together, both two-time Overlords
A photorealistic painting of the first female Overlord, Amaltea thu-Darelir
A stylish black and white photograph of four-time Overlord Cletus Ganderfald
An exquisite marble bust of the 1st Overlord, Gondar
An ornate golden plaque commemorating Overlords known or suspected to be deceased
A special panoramic photograph labeled "The Gathering", featuring 11 Overlords standing side by side against the backdrop of the Overlord's Manor. Pictured from left to right: Kalamere Ar'Din (16th & 26th), Rena Cronin (64th), Harris D'Artainian (72nd & 105th), Aya Hayashibara (86th), Gren Blockman (97th), Terry King (98th), Melanie Rostol (99th), Kimone Kidd (100th), Claire Caelum (101st), G'nort Dragoon-Talandor (103rd), Jin Chae (104th).
Several display cases housing mostly replicas of some of the weapons wielded by previous Overlords
A list of some but not all replica weaponry
A baseball bat representing Chris Graziano, 56th & 89th Overlord
A replica of “Imperator”, a gladius commonly used by Gaius Cassius Maximius, 54th Overlord
A donated longsword nicknamed “Joyeuse Glace”, utilized briefly by Harris D’Artainian during his reign as 72nd Overlord
A pool cue marked with blue chalk, a wooden replica of the weapon once used during the dueling career of Karen Wilder, 61st & 68th Overlord
A replica warhammer known as “Skuld The Debugger”, frequently seen in the hands of G’nort Dragoon-Talanador, 103rd Overlord and the first duelist to hold all the Arena’s titles
Food, Beverages, and Miscellaneous Accommodations
A fully stocked private bar that consists of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from across RhyDin and beyond
A miniature kitchen unit that allows for the preparation of small meals
A variety of fresh appetizers on display and available during dueling hours for visitors
Video monitors to view all the action comfortably
Plush couches, cozy recliners, and relaxing bean bag chairs
A secure weapons rack and whetstone wheel for the upkeep of blades
An oaken bookshelf brimming with treatises on a variety of swordplay styles and techniques
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Post by Giovanni Diamante » Wed Dec 30, 2015 1:30 am

Team Dirty


The Dirty banner that hangs from their Sky Box and under which many of their duelists fight.


The banner of primary sponsor Caelum Enterprises

Sky Box Includes

Wide angle view of the Arena below

Outside of the box hangs the black and pink Team Dirty banner. Inside, the walls are painted a matte charcoal color and are decorated by a number of photos and weapon replicas.

Photos of major Team Dirty moments and accomplishments
A list of some, but not all photos
A shot of Claire Farron with her arms slung around the shoulders of Zack Alcar and Khoom Helston, labeled “The Founding Three”.
Team Dirty’s debut in Hydra Season 2, including still shots of Claire’s 3 shutouts in one week and the addition of Clarice Queen to the team midseason along with Morgan Chae’s hot pink shorts.
Claire’s win for the Tower of Water over Wrecking Crew’s Myria Graziano, her subsequent defense against teammate Zack and finally her ascension to Archmage, beating out Xanth Van Bokkelen for the title.
An action shot of the final round of Clarice Queen’s 5-0 shutout over Andrea Anderson for PathFinder, her spinkick just about to connect with the leaping Apple.
The opening of the Dragon’s Gate Orphanage, Claire, Noctis Caelum, and Shadow standing in front of the renovated manor.
Stills from the 20 round match that secured Claire’s defense of the Seaside Barony against Bile.
Two small side by side pictures of Clarice Queen and Lila Farron with a discrete memorial plaque beneath.
Pictures from Zack Alcar’s wins of both the Ring of Klytus and the Panther’s Claw as well as Hope’s Talon of Redwin win.
Shots from Shadow’s Dragon’s Gate, Battlefield Park, and Dragon’s Gate (again) wins.
An looping digital picture of Hope’s three defenses in one week of the Tower of Fire.
Terry King’s Battlefield Park win over Rhiannon Brock and subsequent announcement of her signing with Team Dirty.
Team Pictures from Hydra Season 2, IFL Season 3, IFL Season 4, Ragnarok, and IFL Season 5 along with highlight pictures from each.
To celebrate family, pictures are added on a regular basis when Team Dirty members add to their families. Included are newborn pictures of Adelaide Alcar (daughter of Zack), Averia and Alexander Caelum (daughter and son of Claire), and Malik Naharis (son of Hope).

Replicas of Claire’s signature gunblade Overture, Zack’s beast sword, Shadow’s ArCane, Terry King’s rapier, and Hope’s reforged sword are hung at various intervals to break up the monotony of the sheer number of photographs.

Title Tracker
Listing the numerous Team Dirty accomplishments in all three of the sports. Starting from their debut in Hydra Season 2 and all the way up through Iron Fists League Season 5.

Cooler full of Refreshing Beverages, Dining & Entertainment
A rotating selection of beers and non-alcoholic drinks and a well stocked supply of cupcakes.
Tuesday and Thursday nights there are tacos for team members.
Since wall space is at a premium, a pull down projection screen is used to televise the cyclical dueling tournaments along with major challenges and team dueling events.
Ample seating, including recliners, chaise lounges and even a hammock that can be secured to the ceiling when not in use, fill the remaining floor space.
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