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Home is where...

Post by Bile » Thu Jul 23, 2015 4:33 pm

On this unnamed rock there lies crisp white sand spanning the entire surface. Undisturbed the tides of miniature dunes and crevasses that formed centuries ago remain in their place at this very moment. There's no wind to send the horde of crystals ajar, no mars visible on the pristine face of the smaller than average rock.

A lone figure stood out on the moon from orbit. A structure that defied all reasoning to be had and told no tales of its past. White walls stood, four on the outside with a dome overhead, missing what would normally be recognized as the keystone. A blue beam could be seen radiating from this hole until the black of space gave it no room. The walls were made of a slick stone that seemed to be impregnated with some substance made to keep it invulnerable to what elements may have come its way. Erected on the side of the moon that never faced the solar system's sun, the walls gave off the blue radiance of the pillar that shone through the core, occasionally tracing blue rivets through its form in no recognizable pattern.

Four walls in total made up the perimeter of the structure with a boasted height that was deemed not worth the effort to measure. Twin colossal doors barred the entry from the front with an insignia etched into the surface. There was no distinction to be felt between the surface and the etching, however as the blue energy occasionally coursed through, it never failed to outline the design in the doors.

This was where he called home. An enigma to all with no promise of answers, no hints of origin and no date to be found; it was the quintessential harbor for his own self. Another night that had been spent in that world meant another return trip to the sacred haven that he claimed as his own. The black sphere formed to spew him out into the white sands out front of the colossal structure. Each time he returned he was faced with the impenetrable walls, their seemingly perfect architecture and the foreboding abyss overhead.

Uneasy. Uncomfortable. Distressed.

As he approached the walls the scepter was raised and the skull with its empty sockets drew in some of the coursing blue energies and harmonized with the insignia on the gates. The result was the twin spires opening just enough for the solitary form to slip inside. Inside the main hall symmetrical pillars lined the corridor on either side. A disharmonious resonating could be heard all the while inside in sync with the tracing blue that filtered through all of the structure. Where there was sound there was air and where there was air; well that was one of the peculiar parts of the structure. As he stepped through the main hall the scepter sent its muted cry each time it struck the tiles beneath him only adding to the growing mystery within his mind. The feeling of strangulation, the residual uncertainty that it provoked and the neon irises that glowed like corrupted halos; he had never felt more off kilter and for some strange, undefinable reason...

...he enjoyed it.
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