The adventures and misadventures of Jay Capistrano.

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Post by Samiyah Zayn » Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:48 pm

“Who are?”

“I am Sergeant Samiyah Capistrano.” A breath was exhaled. Capistrano. For now. Jay still needed her as a safety blanket but he was falling in even tighter than before with the Crew. They were his family, he’d said. It was only a matter of time until he didn’t need his blankie anymore.

“That’s your name. That’s not who you are.” The therapist sitting opposite from her crossed his arms over his notebook, leaning forward imploringly. Like Sami, he was a Rhovnik employee and he held the power to decide when she was ready to go back into the field. “Who are you, Sami?”

“Just a girl.”

“Who are you, Sami?”

“I told you. I’m just a stupid girl.”

“Who are you, Sami?” the therapist quietly whispered.

“What is it you want to hear? I am not going to give you some statement about how fierce and strong and amazing I am. Because I’m not. I am unloved, unwanted, unimportant. I am the girl that is left behind. Always. In those rare moments in which I have something other people want, I am beaten and it is ripped from me. I am the dog that no matter how many times it is kicked just keeps coming back. Not out of loyalty. Just out of sheer stupidity.” Both hands lifted to brush away her tears.

“Sami,” he murmured gently as he leaned back.

She shook her head as he rose to her feet. “I don’t know how this is supposed to help me get over shooting a friend in the head. This session is over.”
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