The New Toy

Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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The New Toy

Post by G » Sat Jan 10, 2015 4:57 pm

The morning after she made the agreement with the boys, Sal and Cane, to have them model for her, G laid in bed trying to figure out how she was taking pictures with his phone. I mean, it was his phone, should he not know what it can do? Gabby had gotten this one for him a couple years ago when he hired her, but she didn't show him how to do more than texting(which was hard) and making calls. That was hard enough as it is.

But then you had Merci taking pictures all through the night and he had no idea how. So while she was still asleep and he was awake, he started pressing buttons and icons on the device. Some he found interesting, some completely worthless and some that just didn't seem to do anything. But then there it was. The magic icon. The one that looked like and even said 'Camera.' Well then, that must be it! Selecting the icon and they staring at the screen as it viewed the room around him. Then he aimed it at his foot and pressed the big button at the bottom.


"Oh, so *that's* how it works. Heh heh heh."

A few shots later of his feet, random locations in the bedroom, an off angle selfie and some of Merci while she still slept and he was done for a while. He laid back in bed and relaxed, possibly falling asleep because the next thing he knew, he heard Merci in the bathroom getting ready for the events of the day. Sitting up with a stretch, he then rubbed at his eyes before looking to the bathroom door and then grinning. He pulled the covers off of his body, grabbed his phone and set it up, then stood in the doorframe to see Merci getting ready to brush her teeth.

"Work it girl! Give it to me! Work this camera! Yes, yes!" He over-exaggerated it, but was actually trying to take some pictures, but only managed the one. Luckily, it was a good one.

He was done. But not for long. She finished with her teeth and changing, but he wanted another pic.

"Come on, Merci. One for my phone? I can make it your umm.. contact picture! Stand over here and let me get a close shot. Perfect!"


The antics continued until finally...


"Oh my god, G'nort, I haven't even had my coffee yet! Stop with the camera already! I already have cameras in my face every day when I work, do I have to deal with this nonsense when I am in my own home as well? My god, some people, I swear! Why aren't you dressed yet? You aren't going to wear that shirt are you? No, definitely not the salmon one...wear the blue one I bought for you. And don't wear those slacks you always want to wear."

The tirade continued until he finally took the camera away so he could have some peace again::Until they were heading out to lunch.


"Stop, I'm on the phone!"


"Enough. That's enough, G'nort."

And so, it was. Smiling like a giddy little schoolgirl, G finally put his phone and camera away.

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