Picking up the Trash.

Stories of the those from House Dragoon Talanador, the Company of the Dragon and the Tavern itself.

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Picking up the Trash.

Post by G » Sat Feb 16, 2013 7:26 pm


That's the word G'nort would suddenly wake up in the middle of the night remembering on the edge of his tongue, but for now, he was staring at a very dirty woman sifting through the trash. Most people would see some vagrant that wasn't worth a second glance, they would tighten their hands on their purses or manly satchels and walk a little quicker not out of fear for the tiny little woman and any physical violence, but rather for the thievery she might commit.

But G'nort was not a common person and he had a very special knack for seeing potential and beneath the grime and the nasty looks she was giving him was a diamond, he was sure of it.

"I think I have a job for you." Pointing towards her with an opportunistic grin and she froze, a brow quirked as she looked from the finger to the gnome waddling beside him who had stopped and looked up from the device he'd been calculating on.

"Jiog lo idonghabnida." She replied neatly with a curt nod, then began scrounging for something else when a rotten apple core was plucked up by her other hand and promptly put into her mouth. G'nort made a little gagging noise with the action and watched her a second.

"Sir?" G'nort looked down to Jani Hurme and then back at the apple eater trying not to throw up a LOT in his mouth.

"She'll be a great worker in the new business." He explained and then looked back at her. "Do you like green? You'd look great in green. I just need you to sign something..."

"Jasin-ui golmog gaseo, igeon nae kkeoya!" The woman exclaimed and shook her fist at him, then pointed down the sidewalk the entrepeneur had been walking down previously. Her gaze flickered to the gnome though as he held out the device towards her.

"Get her to say something else."

G'nort looked down to the gnome as he spoke and then the device.

"You look like someone I slept with once. Well. I mean, after we get you cleaned up, you will. I sense in you great potential." Said with a flair for the dramatic.

Her eyes widened at him but she wasn't reacting to each thing he said but rather the fact he was still there talking when she had clearly told him to go.

"Neon mwoga jalmosdoen geonji, neo babo nya?!"

The device in the gnome's hand made a crackling noise and a fzzt which stopped the Korean from speaking further, the gnome spoke instead.

"Something about 'you stupid'? she asked." Apparently the device was translating.

"Excellent!" G'nort's tone was pleased, he was used to being called all sorts of names, he was just glad the device was working as designed. "You. Come with me." he snapped his fingers at the moment and then beckoned her over their way.

"Jiog lo idonghabnida." She repeated and followed with her forefinger to her cheek under her eye and then pulled it down.

"Go to hell." The gnome faithfully translated aloud what the device said.

"The tones and dulcet speech patterns are fascinating." G'nort remarked, looking her over in marvel. Her insults and demeanor were of no matter to him, he was already seeing the future and the money she would bring in for him in his particular vision.

She started to turn and head away from the two males, they were confusing and unfettered by her declarations that would have made a Korean man huff and stomp off.

Jani had worked with G'nort for years and knew what the red head wanted before he asked, so he shifted his bag and dug in it until he found some beef jerky and held it aloft.

"Don't you have some foo-" G'nort looked down to find the gnome already handing it over before he could finish his thought and chuckled, this was one of the many reasons he was so successful. "Surround yourself with intelligent people and you shall rule the world." It was his way of complimenting his worker.

"Hey! You!" G'nort took the freshly procured food and waved it at her, she looked back, still chewing on the apple core and froze. "There we go, now that we have an accord, you come with me and I'll give you all the beef jerky you want. Just need you to work nights, weekends and holidays for no extra pay."

The men watched as she struggled inwardly to figure out which way to go now and a slew of words stumbled from her mouth.

"What she saying?" G'nort murmured to the gnome from the corner of his mouth, he was carefully keeping his smile aimed towards her as he wiggled the dried meat towards her.

"I have no clue, she's speaking too fast and too quiet." The gnome typed in something to the device and looked up to find the dirt smothered girl standing before them. He tried not to groan or move away, she smelled to high heaven, apparently the dump was where she called home.

"Food?" The Pirate asked, waving it enticingly towards her as she stood in front of him but refused to finish closing that gap. He probably smelled her too but the scent of the potential money was too strong to turn him away from her. She stared at him hard and quite a few moments passed, maybe she was waiting for him to throw it at her or drop it. The stand off lasted a few minutes before she finally held out her hand, palm up.

"Ah ah ah, not that fast. I need you to sign something first." She cocked her head at the red head as he spoke and pulled something out of his pocket. It was a black book that he had had specially made for him. A book of legal contracts with small print so tiny it put regular small print on normal contracts to shame. The small print was even shaped in lovely lines and patterns so it looked like a fancy border for the contract words. He was a man of style. "Right here. Give me your thumb."

"Dangsin-ui ileum-eun mueos-ibnikka?" The gnome's (badly mangling) Korean made the other two blink, but she straightened her head a bit.

"Bae Seul."

G'nort was busy miming taking his thumb and put it on the line as he showed her, she blinked and then held up her dirty thumb and mimicked it, leaving a dirty print.

"It'll hold up in court." He was pleased and snapped the book closed as he handed her the jerky. "You, come with me, and I'll give you more." His voice had raised in the manner you do sub-consciously when speaking to someone who doesn't speak your language. Hand gestures were made as well in elaborate measures and he stepped backwards, motioning for her to follow. He had the bag of jerky and started using that as a carrot in front of a horse.

"When we get her home, first thing we're giving her is a bath." G'nort said to the poor gnome who nodded in relief.
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Post by Bae Seul » Sat Feb 16, 2013 10:10 pm

The photos were luxurious and she was in utter heaven. The room was huge in her eyes and the soft bedding and moderated temperatures were like a dream, but the book had held her attention for the better part of the last two hours. People had fussed over her and come and gone with their strange words and harrowed looks, she was used to those and had mostly tuned them out when they weren't trying to touch or scrub her and started to unwind by reading.

This book that she couldn't read the title of had all sorts of foreign words but it was the vivid colors and striking black and white that held her heart and she had vowed to steal the book and take it with her if they dumped her back into the gutters. She was absorbing the Rhy'Din docks at sunset, the wood bathed in dashing and brilliant reds, purples and gold when the knock on the door came.


Jani peeked his head in and at first Bae Seul missed him because he was short and then their eyes linked. "Looking for Bae Seul?" He'd seen her but didn't recognize her.


Jani gawked a moment at the new and fresh look of the Korean and then regained his composure. "Yes, I have your welcome packet and wanted to drop it off for you." He quickly walked to the chair she was draped over and started handing her books from the bag.

You and Your Rights was the first thing he handed over with Korean subtitles below the bold words, the pamphlet was three to four pages long and she quickly flipped through it with a sharp eye on the hangul. Jani pulled out another book, this one was at least two hundred pages long and the title boasted What to Expect when you're Expecting... a Paycheck from HDT Enterprises, again the hangul was under the Common speech, but the cover was the only original piece of the book, the rest he had printed out that afternoon.

Her eyes widened with the sheer girth of that one as he plunked it down on the side table near her and reached over with her long, slender fingers to peer through it. There was disappointment in her eyes then as she noted there were no photos in that one. The gnome was watching her closely and put two and two together.

"Ah, yes, not as pretty is it? Hmm. I think I might have something to ease the doldrums of it." His short, stubby fingers poked into his pocket and he pulled out four pieces of butterscotch caramel hard candies to put on the table near her.

"Well, I'll leave you to it." She still wasn't speaking but eyed the candies curiously so he gave her a short salute and turned to head out of the room, she could get to the rest of the welcome packet on her own.
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Post by Bae Seul » Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:20 pm

Shift Report Journal
Terantino Evensen
Waste Management Special Unit


9:42 Standard Rhy'din Time (SRT)

When Mr. T first took over the company, gutted it and re-arranged everything we had been doing for awhile, I accepted it. The company has been under plenty of different managements to which we have adapted neatly. When he brought in the girl though, I doubted his ability to produce results and good business skills. The "special team" was interesting enough yet to add a small girl to the mix was surely out of any reasonable bounds of sanity.

Today Mr. T was vindicated and the girl won dinner and a healthy pot from the rest of us "seasoned" trash collectors.

We got our first assignment which wasn't really out of the ordinary, it was just a different uniform and a different boss to report to, but the change came in *how* we were supposed to deal with the "special trash". Seems Mr. T has a new way of handling old problems. His gnome companion, Fizzlywigs or Sproutbottom or whatever fancy name those tinker things have developed a new grinder that grinds the bones of the dead and recycles them to make "fine china" to go into his "The Copper Coin Store." which sells cheap knick-nacks and other super cheap items gaurenteed to brighten up any dull cottage. I swear this man has every store imaginable at this point, is there anything HDT doesn't have it's hand in the cookie jar on?

Anyway. Our assignment was simple, we had to clear out a warehouse that had apparently been the site of a massive slaughter and hadn't been discovered in quite awhile. Even with our masks on the stench was awful and one of the vampires couldn't handle the fouled scent of blood. Something had been injected into the victims that soured the blood and once the threshold of the building had been crossed, the magic barrier that had been holding the stench back was broken and we were left losing our lunches. All except little Bae Seul.

Even half breeds and demons watched helpless a moment as we tried to control our emotions or disgust and she bent her knee a moment, said what seems to be a prayer in her language and then began the clearing out. When Dae'jek started trying to mime to her that we didn't have to room to fit all the bodies in one load, she finally understood and went to the truck to get out a hatchet.

I don't think any of us were prepared for the way she just started cleaning things up like one would a spill of apple juice and crackers. The detached way she compiled the ... pieces for lack of a better term at the moment as I am tired was enthralling and chilling. We got the job done in two and a half trips which normally would have taken at least five.

We had a betting pool on how long the lass would last, after we got back and she left, we re-arranged the pool since none of us won. I wonder who will win now and how many times I'll be writing a shift report still in awe.

WMSU Manager
HDT Enterprises

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