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Nothing. Everything. I’m not sure

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:18 pm

Stepping into the carriage, Merci was careful not to trip over her dress. Once she was securely inside, a slight squeeze was given to his hand in thanks for his assistance. Settling back against the seat with his arm around her shoulders, she nodded. ”Yes, it is nice. Much more quiet as well.”

The carriage was one of those where you could sit back in the cab and it had a canopy that would be able to cover them both from prying eyes. Leaning over to give her a light kiss on the cheek, he smiled."So, whatcha thinking about, my dear?"

He moved one leg to cross over the other, allowing himself to be more comfortable. The hand that was around her shoulders began to slowly rub her arm since it was mostly bare. Really, he just liked the feel of her skin. Then the thought that there was a wager over a months massages. He purses his lips and starts wondering if he had any hand grip exercise tools to prepare him for that.

Merci tilted her head so that her cheek was more accessible when he leaned to place a kiss there. ”Nothing. Everything. I’m not sure.” She laughed softly, knowing she sounded indecisive and possibly daft. ”It has just been a very long day and an eventful night. Tomorrow isn’t likely to be pleasant since I blew off the gala tonight. I must remember that I no longer work for myself and my time isn’t my own.”

She shrugged a little beneath the hand that rubbed her arm, and waved her free hand absently. ”That isn’t a discussion for tonight, however. I will simply deal with work issues as they come up and try not to drive you crazy in the process.” A small smile was dimpled for his benefit as she leaned to press a soft kiss to his lips, while her free hand pressed gently to his cheek. ”So, what would you like to speak of?”

"Would you believe I'm wondering about my hand strength to give you a massage? Chuckling as he flexes the free hand, looking at it. He returned the kiss softly and then tilted his head just slightly as he watched her. "I know what you mean. Though when you become this super-huge mega model and have everyone fawning over you and are ridiculously wealthy, then you'll get to make whatever time you want whenever you want. There's a lot to be said for freedom.

He took a deep breath and leaned back in the carriage seat, looking up under the canopy and seeing some stars, at least the ones not blocked. He smiled and nodded. "It is a nice night. And I've been thinking. About that Island? You were wondering who owned it. I'm thinking I'll look into that. You're right that we shouldn't be trespassing. If we are, I'm kinda surprised we haven't been yelled at yet. Unless it's just a spot for whomever's vacation." He chuckled even as he kept himself in deep thought.

She patted his knee and smiled. ”I’m not really going to hold you to that month of massages. Considering we didn’t actually bet. I was merely teasing about that.”

Her forehead creased slightly as he spoke about freedom and she shook her head. ”I’m afraid, darling, that it works quite the opposite of what you say. I won’t get to make my own time. I will still be at the mercy of designers, agencies, companies, etc. In order to remain at the top of this profession, you have to actually work and be agreeable when you work. There are hundreds of fresh new faces to replace one model and it is a cut-throat business.

She sighed softly and forced a smile. ”If my career takes off and I am as successful as I was before I ended up in RhyDin, we might not get many opportunities to just sail away to the island. Though, I am sure if your schedule permitted it, you could travel with me when I have work in another realm.

She chewed at her lower lip and tightened her grip on his hand. ”What if the owner of the island was devoured by Boitata?” Oh yes, the superstitious Brazilian was still convinced that the fiery eyed serpent lived upon the island. It would likely be pointless for G to try, again, to convince her it wasn’t true. She would either come to accept the truth or she would just not stay upon the island past dusk when the serpent awakened.

The idea of no massaging makes him have a bit of a pouty face. He actually liked the idea of giving her a massage even if he'd whine a little about it at first. It was the idea of having his hands on her that made him want to give them. Of course, they don't need a wager for that to happen.

His eyebrows perked up a little bit at the suggestion that he accompany her to other realms. He always liked seeing what else was out there, and the idea of travelling to other realms(one that he'd experienced a couple of times already) with her was definitely something he'd be interested in. "You think your agency would go along with that? I certainly wouldn't mind tagging along." He followed with a grin.

He didn't flinch when her hand tightened, but he felt it. Then he smiled as she brought up that demon thing. "Well, if he was eaten by the Boytattles monster, then we won't have to worry about trespassing. We'll be able to travel there and have our beach picnics and lagoon swimming. Doesn't that sound -wonderful!-
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Free Enterprise...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:22 pm

Merci leaned over to press a kiss to his pouty lips, even though she really wasn’t sure what he made that face for; it was rather adorable. She remained in that leaning position, tucking her head in the crook of his neck, looking up at him as she spoke.

”My agency doesn’t have any say in that. I will be funding every aspect of my travel, so as long as I show up and do what I am being paid to do, they wouldn’t care if I brought along half of RhyDin.”

She had thankfully been distracted from her irrational fears regarding the fire serpent but frowned a little as he mentioned the island owner having possibly been eaten by it. ”You should be ashamed of yourself, lovely. How can you be so blase about profiting from another person’s misfortune?” Apparently she had forgotten that G was a pirate.

She half-heartedly smacked at the side of his thigh as she chastised him but couldn’t help but grin. ”That is the most beautiful lagoon. It does sound wonderful to be able to travel there without any obstruction to our plans.”

He smiled at the kiss, then reached up with his hand around her shoulders to switch to running fingers through her hair and slowly pet her, then partially tilted his head to lean against hers. "I'm glad that's all you, then. But, let's just leave it to us. Half of Rhydin? Well, where would they sleep?" Chuckling at his joke.

"Hey, you're the one who brought up the demon bangaroo thing. If the guy who allowed it to run free on his island falls prey to it, there's no reason that we can't get the benefits from it. Free enterprise." Grinning as he looked out of the side of the carriage, wondering just how far they were from the diner. "I really like the lagoon too. And every time I watch you under that waterfall, letting the water run over your body.." He couldn't suppress a shudder. And it was a good shudder, too.

"Anyway.. we -have- to be getting close to Jerry's." He wanted to get Those thoughts out of his head. At least until they got home.

Taken from live play and edited. Thanks to the player of G.
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Love from Lizzie and G

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 13, 2012 10:49 am

6/10 Outback

He gives a cheerful wave to Lizzie.

Lizzie brightened and sent G an upnod. "Where's the cheerleader?"

Smiles to Lizzie and shrugs. "She annoyed me so I tied her to some cannonballs and tossed her off the bridge, and into the river."

"Just kidding. She's got a photoshoot or something. Bummed me out a little."

She smirked at G. "I wasn't worried. Even if you did toss her off a bridge, she seems wiley as hell. She would have shown up makin' drowned cat look chic." She reached across the bar to fish a bottle of Orange Crush out of the cooler.

"She does have a good bit of style, doesn't she?" He grins, leaning against the wall. "Doesn't hurt that she's.... well.. she's what I like."

"Ugh, I think anyone can tell she's what you like. You get that goofball look every time she's around. Just waitin' on the lil' birdies to fly around your head." Snickering she dropped her skateboard onto the bar and took up a lean against the counter. The cap was twisted off her Crush followed by a sip.

"There's no birdies that fly around. I'm just twitterpated."

"I think they make a suppository for that." Grins and sips.
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He took a big boot to the head...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:55 pm

Teas and Tomes--6/11

Holds the door to the T&T open, catching a good whiff of all sorts of pastries and cinnamon, coffees, etc. He was starting to talk but suddenly stopped. "....Aaaand I forgot what I was saying. Damn, that smells good."

"You were saying how you are so grateful to me for taking care of you today since you are so banged up from Slugfest last night.” Looks up at him with a little grin. ”I believe you were also going to enthusiastically tell me that you would love to accompany me to yet another party.”

Speeds up the delivery of the next part, knowing how he disliked these work parties. ”Poise is having a sort of open house for all of the elitist snob designers and just about every fashion magazine you can imagine within about five realms. It is a pretty big deal and my attendance is mandatory."

Thinking he would probably find an excuse not to escort her, she dimpled a cute grin for him. "They will be showcasing a lot of my would get to see what I do all day and sometimes night without you..."

"I dunno, Merc. Me, around all those snobbies? Not taking into the fact that I probably won't fit in, but the moment one of those so called "fashion experts" said anything bad about you, well, let's just say they would have more trouble walkin than I do!”

She nodded her head lightly, the grin not fading from her face as she stepped into the tea shop. "Alright, you are off the hook. I think I might ask Lizzie to ask her handsome friend if he would escort me. It doesn't matter if I know him or not, I just need some pretty arm candy to make me look good." She sniffed the air and smiled more widely. Conversation was continued in a casual manner. "Mmm, I smell fresh mint and cinnamon. I am rather impressed with your choice for our excursion."

"Hey, are you saying I'm not pretty arm candy? I didn't say I wouldn't go, just, wouldn't fit in. Besides, I don't think other arm candy would be quite so brutal on some photographer or something saying something bad about you."

He nods as he brings her towards the bakery area. "Sometimes, something quiet and peaceful does the trick. Which is probably best considering that boot to the head I took.."

"You were my first choice, were you not? I think that means you are pretty enough, though I do recall you chastising me once for calling you pretty." She shrugged, continuing to keep a casual demeanor. "I assumed you didn't want to go. I would never try to force you to do something you weren't comfortable with. If you would prefer not to go then I will see if that fellow is available."

She nodded seriously in regards to his last statement. "I was a little concerned. You were calling out in your sleep last night and I was afraid I was going to wake up bruised this morning for all of the thrashing about you did."

"Now, you know I'll go anywhere you ask me to. I just want to be with you. If it means I have to be around snobs, I will be more than happy to be your eye candy." He grinned, nudging her hip to hip.

"I hope I didn't like.. hit you or anything while I was asleep. I don't, unfortunately, remember much. Did I say anything I shouldn't have?"

Her hand snaked out to swat his hip as she turned to the side, laughing. "You said quite a lot actually. Most of it, I am certain you didn't mean for me to hear. So, I didn't hear." She did really, but that was her way of saying she wouldn't be holding him to his words, understanding that he was simply delirious from Jake's big boot to the head.
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A week together...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 13, 2012 12:58 pm

"Are you certain you won't see a doctor, G'nort?" Her hand lifted from where it rested upon his hip to touch at the nasty bruise across his temple that led into his hairline. She stood on tiptoes to press gentle lips to the spot. "You and your friends surely play rough, darling."

He smiled at the swat and tilted his head slightly when she reached up to kiss the bruise. Chuckles softly. "I am sure. I don't need a doctor, just some calm downtime with my girl, and relaxation. Besides, the doctors around here are quacks. Don't think they'd know what they're doing." He grins, sliding an arm around her waist. "As to playing rough, that's why it's a sport. Otherwise, it'd be arts and crafts."

"Can't blame a girl for worrying about the guy she is crazy about, can you?" She smiled up at him and slipped an arm around his neck. "I only have two appointments scheduled tomorrow and they are early, probably while you will still be sleeping. How about after I get back, you and I go back to that hotel we stayed at, rent the same suite and get into the jacuzzi? That will help your sore muscles. Unless you plan to go back to work already."

"If there's a shoulder rub and back massage in it from you, I'll take the week off and we can spend as much time at that hotel as you want." He grinned, sliding his arms around her waist, locking his wrists at her lower back as he smiled to her. "I can't blame you for being worried, no. I'm just happy that we get to be together."

"A week? Is this a serious offer or are you going to get my hopes up and then dash them in the next sentence?" Her free hand lifted to press her palm flat to his chest, just above his heart. "I would offer you a shoulder rub and back massage for nothing at all and you know that...but if that gets us more time together then it is a deal." Fingers toyed with the hair at the nape of his neck.

He chuckled softly and lowered his head to press his lips softly against hers, then pulled back. "You keep forgetting who I am, love. If I say a week, then I can have a week. Or two. It is a serious offer, if you want it.."

”I am happy that you are who you are. Who are you?" She snickered a little and brought her lips to his. "Of course I want it. I cannot guarantee that I won't have to do any work at all but after tomorrow I just have a shoot lined up on Thursday. Nothing else, at this point, until next Tuesday.”

A slight frown. ”Of course, that can change at the last minute if the offer is good enough but I can always take you on the set with me or give you some rest time." She might be glowing just a little, right about now. The thought of at least a week together had her nearly bouncing in his arms.

He began to laugh now, at how excited she was. The talk about her having shoots to do was nothing to be concerned about. He waved it off with his right hand. "The hotel is still in Rhydin. You will be able to make your appointments and then be back in no time. If you want me to tag along, I don't mind. I can rest there, too." He grinned, lowering his hand back around her waist and swatting lightly at her backside. "I'm glad you're excited over this prospect."

"Did you ever doubt I would be?" She gave a little yelp and a hop closer to him as he swatted her. "What about you...are you at all excited about this?"

He chuckled again, shaking his head and looking down at her. "No, I suggested this week off so I can do absolutely nothing with the woman I adore and spend as much time with her as possible, because I have no excitement in it." He poked at her ribs. "Of course I am. You didn't say no."
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It doesn't count when you are asleep...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:00 pm

"Don't be a smartass, G'nort. No one likes a smartass." Well..."Except for me, apparently. I think I have cornered the market on picking a complete and total smartass to fall for." She giggled and moved away quickly when he poked her ribs.

"If you wanna stay here and have your tea and scone then you had better stop all that or else I am dragging your old, injured body back to the ship...." She didn't say for what reason. Let him guess.

"Old, injured? My dear, I am wounded." Then he thinks about it for a moment. Pokepokepokepokepoke, big grin. He knew she adored him, so took the 'Smartass' comments lightly. Just a big old grin.

This was how Mercedes came to realize that G'nort definitely did not need a doctor. His mind was working just like it did before he took that kick to the head. "Come on you wounded, young stud." Reversing her tactic.

"Get your scones to go and buy the tea leaves and I will make you some when we get back." Trying to pull him towards the door already, without letting him get his goodies.

He laughs and releases her, giving another poke. "Okay, just a moment." And then he wanders to the counter, thankful that there isn't anyone else in line. He chose half a dozen scones, with chocolate chips, cause it's the breakfast of champions. Then one of those tins that has the teabags in it.

"Hmm, Normally, I'm an Earl Grey type of guy, but I think I'll go with Chamomile this time. I still have some Grey left."

He pays the poor teen behind the counter who looks oh so interested, and then takes the bag of his items and walks back to Merci. "I should have asked. Did you want anything?"

"No thank you, what I want is on the ship." Taptaptap of her booted foot. "Ready now?" Taptaptap.

He laughs and pushed the door open, holding it for her. "Well then I guess we better get back to the ship and see what it is you want."

"That is a wonderful idea. I am so glad you thought of it." Giggling a little as she steps past him, hip checking him before she passes.

Laughs at the hip check and then heads after her, swatting her backside again. "That's me, always with the good ideas."

"Mm. I am a fortunate woman for that reason right there." She took his hand and picked up the pace so they could get back to the docks before it got all that much darker.

His free hand is clasped in hers, he smiles and quickens his pace to keep up with her, understanding the nervousness. "Fortunate for that reason and much more. Though I doubt as lucky as I am."

"Much much more, definitely." She grinned up at him. "You would be wrong about that, lovely. I am, by far, the luckier one."

Chuckling again. "That is one discussion neither of us will ever agree on."

"I can't imagine us not agreeing, Sweetie Pumpkin." Repeating the pet name he called her last night at the Outback.

Laughing, gesturing up towards the ship they are now approaching. "Oh, you'll remember -that- name. What was the other one I called you?"

"Love of your life." Light nod as she made her way up the ramp.

Pauses, thinking about that, follows her up. "Sounds like something I'd say." Grins and shrugs. "Definitely the more accurate of them all."

"You were asleep. It doesn't count." Grins at him from over her shoulder.
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Never trust G'nort the Evil...

Post by Mercedes » Wed Jun 13, 2012 1:01 pm

"What was the other one you called me when you were awake and almost coherent?"

Grins, hopping up on the deck and smiling at her. "Could be anything. I've used so many. Precious, Dulcet Darling, Babe, Baby... the list goes on and on."

"Keep them coming, Casanova...the charm is working..."

Smiles, leaning against the railing of the ship as he looks at her. "Sweetheart, love, lover, Only One For Me, Beautiful, Sexy, Mine...." He then pushes off and starts up towards her. "More?"

"Of course. You are on a roll here, don't stop now. Though, I don't think you can top that last one. That is by far the very best one of all." Plants one of her feet on each side of his as she leans against him while he leans against the rail. Both palms pressed flat to his chest as did her forehead. She inhaled his scent, comforted as usual, by his nearness.

Something extremely comfortable about that position, he closes his eyes and enjoys her closeness. He sets the scones and tea on the railing and lowers one hand to her hip and the other around her back to pet her nice and slow. "I happen to like that last one, a lot as well."

"Good. Has a nice ring to it. Such a good name that I think I will call you the same." Her voice had softened, as the mood had shifted from teasing to one of comfort and serenity. The sound of the water lapping at the ship, his breathing, the scent of the salty air as well as his skin, the feeling she had from being in his arms; Merci could have stayed there all night.

He smiled, continued to pet her, enjoying the thought of being a taken man now. Being called hers. It had gotten rather comfortable and all. A nice quiet night without the usual hustle and bustle of activity. But then, it did seem to be getting later, so most of the busy work was already done. And now it was just them.

"Hey. Didn't you say you had something for me here?"

"Stay out here or go inside?" Forehead lifted from his chest so those golden eyes could peer up at him.

He smiled down at her, reaching up at brushing his fingers through her hair. "Well, all the comfortable places are inside, really. Unless you want to lay out on deck and look up at the stars. Though you wouldn't see much with the light from the city."

"Let's go inside then. I said I would make you some tea."

A smile and a nod and he's starting to push her in that direction. "I should probably let you turn around first." Which allows him to lean back and grab the scones and tea from the railing.

"Nope, I am placing myself in your hands. I trust that you won't let me trip backwards." Stepping backwards carefully in those heeled boots.

"All right then." Grinning. But he wasn't a jerk, to her anyway, so he wasn't going to lead her where she could smack into something. He walked her, walked her, opened the door for the hall, walked her, walked her, slow and easy to make sure she doesn't... OOPS! He just pushed her over the side of the sofa and then fell on top of her. "Oh my!"

She was smiling so sweetly. Trusting him as she held on and moved with him. He was so very kind to take such fabulous care of her, wasn't he? Walks back, walks back, walks..."ACK! G'nort!" Swats at him as she falls over the side of the sofa. "Evil man!"

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