The Game

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The Game

Post by Jake » Wed Apr 07, 2010 1:17 am

The half-orc ambled into the Line carrying a sheet of paper. He glanced around after his eyes adjusted from the daylight outside. Kal was sitting at the bar, reading something. A bartender that Jake didn't recognize was washing glasses behind the bar. It was the middle of the day, so there wasn't much of a crowd. A few games were on the big TVs, but nothing that the orc recognized. Over in the far corner, the half-ogre, Rath, was snoozing, kicked back in a chair that Jake was surprised could hold him up. The fancy suit the ogre was wearing was going to be mighty wrinkled by the time happy hour rolled around.

Kal looked up and nodded to Jake as he wandered closer to the bar. Jake nodded back at him and then to the bartender. "Badsider, if ya' got some ready on tap." The bartender set aside the glass he was cleaning and turned to fetch the ale. He didn't look like a fighter-type. Probably just a bartender. Then again, with Rath on duty, how much trouble was anyone likely to start? One bouncer was probably enough. Especially one with a fondness for eating live creatures.

"What brings you around, Jake? Surely you haven't run out of ale." Kal set aside whatever he was reading, carefully placing it face down on the bar.

"Eh...was lookin' over the betting lines you opened for the Harris/Anubis match. Seemed kinda slim to me." The orc accepted the mug of ale from the bartender, and nodded to him. He paused to pull a good long swig off the top of the mug, and then grabbed a barstool. "Lots of noise goin' around about this challenge. Harris and Anubis have got a pretty good grudge goin' on. Seems like there ought to be more stuff to bet on."

Kal reached up a hand to stroke his chin. "Yeah, I thought that too. But what sort of bets could we post? I thought about doing something like offering lines on whether Harris would heckle Anubis,'s Harris."

"Yeah, that'd be like offerin' a bet on whether Jaycy flirts." The orc chuckled.

Kal laughed. "Right. So...I dunno. Harris is going to heckle. Anubis is going to sneer and make snide remarks. How do you turn that into a betting line?"

Jake sat back against the bar. "Yeah, it's got me stumped too." He took a long drag off the mug of ale and glanced back at the bar to see if there were pretzels or peanuts out. Jer, whose name was visible on a nametag now that Jake was closer, seemed to anticipate the request and was putting down a couple of bowls of snacks. The orc grabbed a handful of peanuts, thinking they were appropriate given they were talking about Harris.

Orc and rogue sat puzzling the matter out.

"Ya' gonna rebroadcast here during the event?"

"Yes, got it all set up. Brought in a couple of big screens for the people that don't use the portal." Kal pointed to the TVs above the bar, and the larger one on the opposite wall. "Am expecting a good crowd actually."

Jer interjected, "we should be good on ale and snacks for the event, and most other drinks." He was busy wiping down the bar, and then he paused. Looking back at Kal, "do we know what their favorite drinks are? Maybe we could offer a special on them."

Jake snapped his fingers. "That's it!"

Jer and Kal both looked at the orc. "What's it?"

The half-orc grinned and lifted up his mug. "So maybe we can't offer up any bettin' lines on whether Harris is gonna be Harris and zing Anubis, and we can't offer lines on whether Anubis is gonna be Anubis." Then he pointed to the mug. "But we COULD make it a drinking game!"

Kalamere laughed out loud. "That's an outstanding idea. So, every time Harris lands a zinger, everyone drinks a shot of whatever it is that Harris likes..."

"...and every time Anubis sneers at Harris, or calls him a motherless cur, they drink a shot of whatever he drinks. Lotus wine, I think." Jake chuckled. "I think this could work."

Kal looked at Jer, "think we could get some flyers done up in time to promote the event?"

Jer grinned and put down his washrag. "I'm on it, boss."

Baron Anubis "That $$%&&%@#ing Egyptian" Karos vs. challenger Harris "the Heckler" D'Artainian

One night only, see it live in the Arena!

Or drop by The Line and see it on our high-def TVs! And throw back a drink or three as they battle it out!

Join in the fun! Take part in The Line's "Harris vs. Anubis Drinking Game!" Prizes for anyone still conscious at the end!

And don't forget! The Line is an official betting point for the DZ Casino. Get some money on the action!
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